Where do you start from?
Twin Towns Triathlon Club is based at Oasis Pools, Club Banora, Leisure Drive, Banora Point, every Saturday morning throughout the season.

When do you start and finish?
Our season starts early September each year and runs every Saturday through until the end of March and please check the calendar for exact dates.

What time do I have to be there?
Sign on is from 5:15am with the registration closing at 6:00am sharp each Saturday prior to races. The Club operates on NSW time.

How far do we race?
Swim – 10 laps 500 metres
Ride –  14.8 km
Run – 4.5 km out and back

Swim – 6 laps
Ride – 10 km – two laps of Darlington Drive
Run – 2km – Leisure Drive, Darlington Drive to ‘pink x’ turn around

Do I need lights on my bike?
Front and rear lights in working over must be fitted to all bikes for ALL RACES. This is in interest of competitors safety and any competitors not complying will NOT BE permitted to race.

How much does it cost?
Adults – Race cost for non club members is $15 each race, club members pay $8 per race.
School Students pay $5 per race.

Memberships are through Twin Towns club and cost $16.50 for TT club membership plus $30 for tri club, all up $46.50.
Under 18’s /Juniors TT club membership $11 plus $2.20 for tri club – total $13.20.

Can I just come and race any Saturday without being a member?
Yes, you do not have to be a member, just make sure you are registered before 6:00am NSW time it will cost you $15 cash.

When can I register?
You can register on any Saturday throughout the season, except the last race. There is no obligation to attend every Saturday, its up to you. To register, you just need to turn up prior to 6:00am NSW time, preferably around 5:30-5:45am.

Do you have an option for Teams to compete?|

Unfortunately there is no option for teams. We have started a random draw teams event, to be held once per year on the race prior around Christmas time- named the Joe Kelly Memorial Race.

Who was Joe Kelly?
Very popular club member Joe Kelly, who with  his wife Laura had been competing with our club for the past couple of years whilst on an extensive working holiday from Canada and tragically passed away in early 2014. Joe was running in a ‘Twilight Marathon Event’ in Brisbane on a Sunday afternoon in late March when a violent storm appeared during the running of the race. Whilst stopped at a drink station with several other competitors Joe was unfortunate stuck by a falling limb and passed away several days later. As a result of this tragedy, the teams event has been named the “Joe Kelly Memorial Team Event” and we hope this race remains as popular with all members as Joe was himself.
Do you go on Weekday Rides?
We do rides from Club Banora each Tuesday and Thursday leaving at 5:20am for a 32 km round trip to Currumbin Alley, weather permitting.

Is there a training schedule?
We, as a club do not hold any official training seasons, there are group rides during the week and on Sundays, during the off season members meet each Saturday morning in the car-park opposite McDonald’s  Coolangatta and run at varying paces to Bilinga SLSC and return for an optional refreshing swim from Greenmount to Coolangatta then head over for coffee.

Race Numbers?
Upon registering for the first time, you will be allocated a start time  and your race number for the season.

Where does the bike leg go?
There will be map on the web site and link to map my ride, it is suggested that you drive the bike leg first for familiarisation.

What should I wear?
In the swim leg, swimmers, on the bike and run leg the upper torso must be covered.

Can I use an Ipod or MP3 player?
You are not allowed to use these devices as they can impair your hearing whilst competing.

Do I have to stop at the Red Lights?

Whist riding a bike on the road at any time, the road rules must be obeyed, Stop at Red Lights.

What is the minimum age for the Senior Race?

13 years of age.

What is the maximum age for the junior race?
We already have a 78 year old member racing every week, so if  you want to have a go you’re more than welcome.

Do I have to be good at running or have done triathlon before?
The club welcomes all levels of ability and experience, and is the ideal place for beginners to get started.

I’d love to try triathlon, is it hard?
No, but there can be a lot to learn, so it helps to learn from seasoned competitors who are more than happy to lend their encouragement.

Do I need to join Triathlon NSW to join the club?
No, but it is recommended if you are doing triathlon. “Get in touch with Triathlon NSW to arrange membership.” Twin Towns Triathlon Club is not a member of Triathlon NSW.

Do I have to be good at running or have done triathlon before?
No, certainly not. The club welcomes all levels of ability and experience, and is the ideal place for complete beginners to get started.

Swimming terrifies me, but I’d like to do a triathlon, what do you think?
Umm, this describes many rookies! No fear, local coaches run excellent beginner-level stroke-correction courses and swimming squads that will have you exiting the water in decent shape, and not feeling too lonely on the bike leg.

What type of bike should I buy?
It important to buy a bike that fits you, so we recommend you visit your local cycle store or see the friendly staff at …….. Palm Beach Supercycles, South Tweed cycles, Kingscliff Cycles, Storm Cycles or Coast Cyclery our official sponsors. who will be more than happy to provide reliable sound advice on the bike to suit your needs and budget.

Does the two qualifying races count towards the 12 races required for Club Championships?

Can I start earlier?
To register for an early start, competitors MUST BE in attendance by 05:30am NSW time and may start at 06:00am sharp only.

How does the handicap system work?
The whole event works on a handicap system which is very basic…If it takes you 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete the course, you start at 6:20am. If it takes you 1 hour to complete the course, you start time will be 6:30am and so on… everyone is expected to finish at exactly 7:30am. (Points are only awarded to financial Twin Towns Triathlon club members)
Handicap winner each week receives 35 points, 2nd receives 34, 3rd 33, 4th 32 down to 20th place who receives 16 points. All other competitors receive 15 points. On designated days all competitors who complete the course receive 35 points, regardless of the final placing. Each week, for every 5 starters, one competitor gets re-handicapped.

Can I check my times throughout the season?
Every week your individual swim, ride, run and overall times are recorded and made available for your perusal throughout the season.

Do I have to Marshall?
Any person wishing to compete in the Club Championships must complete at least one duty per season. This includes competitors under the age of eighteen doing the main race (parent/s are encouraged to assist them). Intermediate race competitors are EXEMPT.