Race 23 – 12th March 2016

Race 23 12th March

We had a great last race, 27°, 62% humidity and SE winds 18 KM/hr.

Intermediate Race Championship
Hotly contested by many young and enthusiastic triathletes. Everyone raced hard, and gave it their best shot. The winners this year for the females:
Freya Curnow 1st
Amelia Nelson 2nd


The Winners this year for the males:

Jonathon Davies 1st
Kip Freeman 2nd


Travis Coleman chatted about his race where he achieved the amazing result of now being the National Australian Champion. And, he is going to Mexico to race. Congratulations Travis. Twin Towns Triathlon Club is proud of you and your achievements. Good Luck next week in the Club Championship.

IMG_2130 - Copy

Warren Copping reached a fantastic milestone – 150 races. Congratulations.


Point score Champions have been decided and once again the difference between first and second was one point. Congratulations to Will Styman 2nd Place. All the triathletes involved in the point score tussle put in their best performances each week making yet another really close finish.

Paul Woodger won the monthly handicap prize of $100, this is drawn from the four top contenders for the month, Brendan Brookes, Dave De Closey, Sharyn Klein and Paul. We done everyone.
Random draws went to Trevor Lawes, Roger Campbell, Jenny Scaysbrook, Liz Wall, Freya Curnow, Warren Copping, Guy Daveron, Peter Harrington, Richard Mourant and Michael (sorry did not get the surname).

Paul Dr. Bike talked about maintenance on the bike, of course advising that when we hear those funny, concerning noises to take the bike in for a service as it could be many reasons from tyres rubbing on the brake pads to noises in the cassette. All these problems can be fixed quickly and easily by your local bike shop.
Paul also gave a demonstration of emergency stopping. He did suggest very strongly that whenever we are riding in a situation where fast reaction times may be necessary that we should ride in the safe position with our hands on the drops and able to use the brakes quickly. Never ever ride on your tri bars through a roundabout. Safety first and always.

Race 22 – 5th March 2016

Race 22 – 5th March 2016
75 Fit and enthusiastic triathletes raced, weather was kind to us, light winds and low humidity.

Saturday night 19th March starting at 6.30 pm Visions Room, Southern Mantra Tower, Wharf Street.
Please purchase your tickets from Vicki or Susie. The ticket price includes a three course meal, presentation of trophies and some light drinking and dancing. The price is $50 less $30 subsidy from the club and you also receive $1.00 off for every race completed.

AGM held on Saturday and the new committee is as follows:
President – Wendy Wise
Vice President – Val Lambard
Secretary – Jenny Scaysbrook
Treasurer – Jim Collins
Timekeeper – Doug Neil
Committee – Warren Copping
Alex Gilks
Paul Woodger
Vicki Laws
Scott Styman

Roger – Dr. Bike
Roger gave a demonstration of drafting rules. It is basically a 7 x 5 metre box, once you have entered this area of the cyclist ahead you have 30 seconds to go past. As you pass the cyclist, it is their responsibility then to stay out of your draft zone.

Random Draw Winners
Glenn Lance, Rebecca McLucal, Bede Curnow, Mark Birtwhistle, Will Styman, Caitlin Jones, Wendy Sanders

Move over for Cyclists
As of the 1st March new road rules have come into play. Motorists are now obliged to have a distance of 1 metre when travelling in 60klm zone and a distance of 1.5 metres when travelling above 60lms zone. However, just because we are aware does not mean they are, so instead of screaming at a motorist for not obeying the rules, let’s all stay courteous and safe. Most non-cyclists will be unaware of this new rule.
As of the 1st March all cyclists are required to carry photo ID. This can be your actual licence or a colour photo copy that is laminated. If you carry a phone, take a photo of your licence.
The new rules are intended to make the roads safer for everyone. We can help with this by riding sensibly on narrow roads in single file and always remember the car is bigger heavier and far more dangerous than you are. Always think safety first.
See you next Week….we need as many people as possible to cheer on the intermediates and help if they can.

Congratulations to Richard Mourant – 150 races and a podium finish at Yamba

Richard Mourant 150 races