Race 21 – 27th February 2016



Race 21 – 26th February
71 triathletes welcomed the fine conditions with strong southerly winds to test the cycle leg. Congratulations to our members for their bright working front and back lights. It is easy to see what lights are the brightest and can be easily seen. This makes your visibility safer on course during the event.
The point score championship is in the last 3 weeks with strong performances from Danny Khazen, Will and Scott Styman. Gerrard no doubt will have extra petrol in the tank over the next 2 weeks. Lancey was looking strong in the run leg and with Trevor Lawes back from NZ the competition is still close. Good luck to all.
Congratulations to Travis Coleman placing 2nd in the 16-19 years National Qualifying Olympic event in Tasmania. Travis is aiming for the World Olympic distance triathlon in Mexico in September. We are all very proud of you Travis!
There are several athletes competing in outside events with Vice-president Val, Treasurer Jim and Tracy winning their respective Age Olympic events in Yamba on the weekend. Well done to all.
With Club championships on the 19th March it is vital all members have completed 11 races, done a marshalling week, have working front and back lights, register for your event and do not DRAFT!
The AGM is on Saturday 5th March and we welcome members to attend. Coffee, tea & cake will be provided post-race.
The intermediate champs will be held on the 12th March. We are asking a parent to be available to assist with the event. A scratch event will be started for the intermediates at 7.15am competing on the regular weekly course. For all intermediates that have completed 11 races you will also be eligible for the first and runner up prize for boys and girls.
Our random draw winners were Wendy Sanders, Warren Copping, Kynan Jones, Matt Stanley, Andrew Armstrong, Scott Styman, Rob Gillies, Freya Curnow and John King. Special thanks to our weekly sponsors Cannibal Clothing, Coast Cyclery, Kingscliff Cycles, South Tweed Supercycles, Palm Beach Supercycles and Storm Cycles. Water bottles provided by Gold Coast Supercycles and Felt cycles. We ask all members to support our sponsors.
Dr Paul Bike again gave tips for the bike bottom bracket:
* alloy, steel & carbon bikes all have different systems of bearings & are easy to service
* there are now 30 different types of services from your local bike shop
* bearings can be sealed in the frame or on the outside
* most problems occur from cleaning your bike with excess water getting in to the bearing which strips the degreasing agent
* to check bike hold on to the crank arm and bike simultaneously. If there is movement go to your local shop for a checkup Tickets on sale for presentation night this week. Remember there will be $1 off every race prior to 2weeks ago. Again our evening begins at 6.30pm NSW time in the ‘Visions Room’. Join us to celebrate the end of season and to congratulate our point score place getters, club and age champions & runner ups and fastest male/female swim, ride and run legs.

Congratulations to Tracy Foyster 1st – Jim Collins 1st – Val Lambard 1st Olympic Distance – Richard Mourant 2nd Sprint Distance – Cleaned up at Yamba

Beautiful little Abigail Skelly our youngest in the new uniform and proud dad Vaughan. Good luck to Abigail in the upcoming Kingscliff Tri!



RACE 20 – 20TH FEBRUARY 2016

70 triathletes braved the humid conditions this morning, one good thing though, no rain.  Once again we have competitors with no front working lights.  We have to stress how important it is that these rules are followed.  It is part of our conditions to race through the police and RTA, we want the race to continue, so please adhere to this rule.

The point score leader board is very interesting:

  1. Danny Khazen             429
  2. Will Styman                 423
  3. Gerard Robards           406
  4. Trevor Lawes               403
  5. Scott Styman               396
  6. Vaughan Skelly            395
  7. Glenn Lance                389
  8. Guy Ethell                    369
  9. Craig Broadhurst         369
  10. Joe Mollica                  367

Dr. Bike Roger talked about correct position on your bike, plus the fact that drafting will not be tolerated.  Here are a few of the points he raised:

  • Correct positioning on your bike makes for a safer rider
  • Correct positioning on your bike makes for a more efficient rider
  • As we age the position on the bike may need to change
  • Sometimes money spent on new wheels, shoes etc maybe just as well spent on correct position on the bike and that includes your shoes and cleats
  • If you are comfortable and efficient on the bike you will get off and run faster

Book a bike fit with your local bike shop, and see how this can make a difference to your overall time.

Congratulations to all the juniors, they have shown great improvements in skills on the bike.  With regards to the intermediate competitors we have changed the format of their championship day.  It will be a scratch race – all starting at the same time.  We will confirm this next week.  It was felt that these younger triathletes would like the opportunity to race each other in a true format.  We will need all parents of these competitors to be involved to ensure their safety and as many other club members to assist.  We will have a 1st and 2nd male and female.  The winner will receive a medal and $30 voucher and runner up medal and $15 voucher

Good luck to Tracy Foyster, Jim Collins and Val Lambard racing at Yamba next week.

Congratulations to Lisa Ross – Sprint Championships

Welcome back to Jenny Scaysbrook – She has had the holiday of a lifetime.

The presentation night on the 19th March at the Visions Room in Twin Towns will start at 6.30 NSW time.

Each financial club member will receive $1.00 off for each race completed up to last week and a further contribution of $30 by the club.  We have had to change this around due to RSA rules.  Tickets will be available as of next week – we also have to put into place the rule that money must be received before a ticket is issued.

Thank you to our sponsors

South Tweed Supercycles, Coast Cyclery, Cannibal Clothing, Kingscliff Cycles, Palm Beach Supercycles, Storm Cycles and Felt water bottle

Random draw winners this week: Clive Pearce, Joe Ward, Kip Freeman, Jeremy Simpson, Terry Simpson, Gerard Robard and Val Lambard