Race 12 – 11th December

Over 70 triathletes participated in our final 2015 event with cooler conditions for all. Congrats to the majority of the field with WORKING FRONT & BACK LIGHTS! As part of our Traffic Management Plan it is important all intermediates & full event triathletes abide by this rule.

Kids Xmas3

Curnow’s Santa Pic

A popular annual event is Santa visiting the Juniors. It was an exciting day today with the arrival of Santa & Santa’s helper, Rob for the juniors. Even with a knee injury Santa was a hit with all ages & gave gifts to the children. Special thanks Santa & Rob for your pre Xmas visit from the North Pole!


Kids Xmas2Kids Xmas

Kids Xmas4

Merry Christmas Styman’s!!

The weekly club point score event is a highly sought after title after a dedicated season attending the majority of events combined with consistent performance. 2015 has an extremely close field in the Top 10 and congrats for your efforts! It is an all male field of the young and old, experienced and newcomers and the fast and even faster! There have been a couple of significant point score changes and placings since our last event of the year. The last point score is on the 12th March so there are only 11 races to go for the top 3 2015/2016 club point score champions to be decided.

Point Score Top 10 as of Saturday 5th December 

1 Craig Broadhurst    294
2 Danny Khazen         287
3 Will Styman              285
4 Trevor Lawes           278
5 Joe Mollica               277
6 Gerard Robards       271
7 Glenn Lance             264
8 Guy Etherell             261
9 Scott Styman           256
10 Jim Collins             249
Thank you to our Sponsors 

Coast Cyclery, South Tweed Supercycles, Cannibal Clothing, Kingscliff Cycles, Palm Beach Supercycles, Storm Cycles & Felt water bottle 

Reminder to all

* Working lights front and back

* With the last event of the year it is important all members wishing to participate in Club Champs on the 19th March complete one marshalling duty prior to the Championships

* Thank you to this week’s Marshals Jo Ward, Ross Salmon & Hollie Robards

Dr Bike Paul – Dr Bike did encourage all members to visit your local bike shops for purchases rather than online to support our local community and the great job they do beyond the bike shop eg group rides & helping the homeless.

Marshals for next week 2nd January 2016 are

  • Woodland Round About – Zane Simpson
  • Amaroo/Fraser Intersection – Scott Cummings

Due to circumstances beyond our control there will be No Tri on the 26th December (Boxing Day). Banora pool will be super chlorinated. Further details this week for a social tri alternative for the super keen!

The Tri Club Committee extends best wishes for a merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all members and families and 2015 visitors.



Thanks everyone and don’t forget to have FUN! :-)

This race report has been written by Wendy Wise.


Joe Kelly Memorial Team Event – 12th December

Overcast skies again provided perfect racing conditions for the 2015 Joe Kelly Memorial team event. Twinnies welcomed again our favourite Canadian ‘Laura Kelly’ and had several members had Laura bushwalking, riding & swimming as pre event training. Kev B did a great job sorting the 22 teams of all combinations! Di Lance left the registration desk to don the bike kit with Laura Kelly swimming & Anthony Newman running. 35 points to all for the event!


Merry Christmas to all and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!

Word has it the number 1 bike train Craig, Tracey, Des and Clive had everyone else left in their dust. Another stand out performance was Freya Curnow in the swim leg. Certainly a star in the future. It was great to see so many intermediates competing too.
It was a special day to honour ‘Smokin Jo’ and it was so wonderful for the club to unite in a fun event with Laura and her Aussie tri mates! A magnificent breakfast sponsored by Laura was our first hot and cold breki for the year. Our elder statesmen, KB, Lancey, Johnny & Rob were master chefs of the hot bbq. Wazza did well with the variety of sausages for all whilst Lisa & Vicki organised the cold spread. Well done to all!


Joe Kelly Memorial shirts were worn for the team event

An extra large birthday cake was required to celebrate the major milestones for Margie’s 70th, Val’s 60th & Gerard’s upcoming 50th. 180 years in total …..there must be some great stories to be told. Happy birthday to all!


Birthday girls Val and Margie posing with Laura and Wendy

There is no Tri event on 26th December due to super chlorination of Club Banora and ‘Boxing Day’.

Point Score Top 10 as of Saturday 5th December 

1 Craig Broadhurst    244
2 Danny Khazen       237
3 Will Styman            229
4 Joe Molica              227
5 Gerard Robards     221
6 Trevor Lawes         220
7 Peter Serone          219
8 Glenn Lance          210
9 Scott Styman         206
10 Travis Coleman   204

* Please don not forget your money for final payment of uniforms this Saturday!!! 

Don’t forget to have lots and lots fun… Its Christmas and the time to be jolly!

This race report has been written by Wendy Wise.147683-Happy-Christmas