Race 5 – October 24th

Competitors came from everywhere this morning; 115 Lycra clad enthusiast, which makes it very busy for Doug and the timekeepers. With that in mind can you please all understand that if you wish to start at 6:00am you must register no later than 5:30am.

Adding to the excitement this morning we were testing a new timing programme that will drag us kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Angela the team leader from the University was pleased with the results so far and said it gave her a good insight into what is needed to ensure the programme works well.

Emily Roper did a fantastic time on her bike of 25:28. Well done Emily.

Good luck to everyone competing next week in Noosa.


Noosa Triathlon 2015

Congratulations to Jenny Scaysbrook – she reached an amazing milestone today with 300 races. That is the equivalent of 150,000m swim, 4,500km bike and 1,350km run. Sure does add up when you do a few races. Well done Jen.


Jenny Scaysbrook reaches 300 races. AWESOME effort!!!

Sponsor voucher winners are

Leanne Collins, Stuart McGill, Scott Styman, Jenny Scaysbrook, Dave De Closey & Guy Daveron

Sponsors are

Coast Cyclery, South Tweed Supercycles, Cannibal Clothing, Kingscliff Cycles, Palm Beach Supercycles, Storm Cycles & Felt water bottle 



1 Jim Collins                    124

2 Craig Broadhurst         120

3 Glenn Lance                  119

4 Will Stymen                   118

5 Kev Bannerman            118

6 Joe Mollica                    117

7 Gerard Robards           115

8 Danny Khazen              114

9 Hollie Robards             111

10 Peter Serone              110

Reminder to all

* Working lights front and back

* Any road rule infringements will result in 2 week suspension, no exceptions

* Thank you to this week’s Marshals Glen Lance and Lisa Moore

* Xmas function 6th December $30/person ‘Babalou’ Kingscliff Hotel – submit names up until 28th November if you are interested to attend

Marshals for next week 31st October are

  • Woodland Round About – Jake Mullens
  • Amaroo/Fraser Intersection – Kahlie Blair

Breakfast 24th October (following Presentation) –

Thank you to Vicki Lawes and Lisa Warner for a great breakfast.  We raised $41.00 for Friends of the Pound, this money has been donated already.  Thanks everyone.

Dr Bike – Talked about exiting the driveway safely onto the road.  Talked about the names of your bike frame tubes & no drafting.


Thanks everyone and don’t forget to have FUN! :-)

This Race report was written by Val Lambard.


Race 4 – October 17th

Our only double distance event for the season saw the very keen triathletes (especially the Queenslanders) hitting the water at 5am DST. This was our largest field ever for this event with 60 participants and a total of 106 for both races. The majority are preparing for the upcoming Noosa Triathlon in 2 weeks. Weather conditions were excellent for all disciplines… only a few complained of frozen feet!! Doug, Di and Jenny were kept busy at registration with another 46 triathletes completing the full event starting at 6am DST. It is exciting there have been 15-20 juniors also competing each week. A special thanks to Tracy Knight and her team for organising the Junior Tri’s.


Wave starts are up for the Noosa Tri 2015

Congratulations for the majority of the field with great working lights on the front and back of your bikes. As we have to comply with our 2015-2016 Twin Town Triathlon and Cycle Club Traffic Management Plan to the Tweed Shire Council and NSW Police it is paramount all triathletes abide by this new rule every week.

Congratulations to Jo Colja reaching the 150 race milestone! This is a significant time spent at the club and Jo is one of our quiet achievers!


Congratulations Jo on 150 races!!!


Sponsor winners

Will Styman – Coast Cyclery

Lisa Warner – South Tweed Supercycles

Trevor Lawes – Cannibal Clothing

Jesse Reid – Kingscliff Cycles

Peter Nelson – Palm Beach Supercycles

Tarnya Sim – Storm Cycles

Alex Gilks – Felt water bottle (most illuminated triathlete on course)

Special thanks to Peter Nelson for his ongoing ‘gratis’ with website administration over several years!

Club pointscore champion is a highly sought after title each year.  Early results for season points show a good mix of the elder statesmen mixing it with the young!

1 Simon Bradbery

2 Glenn Lance

3 Will Styman

4 Joe Mollica

5 Danny Khazen

6 Kieran Howard

7 Bomber Hutchinson

8 Jim Collins

9 Peter Serone

10 John Warren

Will Styman was runner up in the 2014-2015 Club Pointscore Championship so he is certainly the one to watch! Jim Collins is keen to keep on improving following his performance last season for the long awaited victory over John Warren so both men should be keeping each other honest throughout the season. If you have pointscore champion aspirations you need to be a weekly participant throughout the season to hotly contest this event!

Reminder to all

*The upper torso must be covered at all times.

* No running on the road parallel to Banora shops- Club Banora- Tri Club.

* Payments must be finalised for the new uniforms this Saturday 24th October.

* Xmas function 6th December $30/person ‘Babalou’ Kingscliff Hotel – submit names up until 28th November if you are interested to attend.

* Thanks to our weekly marshals Peter Harrington and Kev Bannerman.

Marshals for next week 24th October are

  • Woodland Round About – Lisa Moore
  • Amaroo/Fraser Intersection – Glenn Lance

Breakfast 24th October (following Presentation) – Vice-President Val began the Twinnies Tri Legacy with various appeals and non-government charities being nominated during the season. This will continue again in conjunction with the 5 breakfasts and enables us an opportunity to support both the local and wider community charities. Any gold coin donations from our first breakfast will be forwarded to ‘Friends of the Pound’.


Dr Bike – Talked about using your gears correctly. No cross chaining eg Big at the front & small at the back. Changing down into gears early when climbing hills & at lights to make it easier to ride hills & accelerate away at lights.

Thanks everyone and don’t forget to have FUN! :-)

This Race report was written by Wendy Wise.