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Race  Report 13 December 2014


It was another dry race for Twinnies, with over 70 members having a go. We are fortunate this season that there are no public holidays to disrupt our Tri Season. We (the Juniors)had the pleasure of a visit from the Big Red Fat Fella. I missed his visit but I hope he didn’t repeat his eye pad joke from last year. Hope Santa enjoys his cruise on the high seas. Parents of Juniors- please note that the race this coming Saturday will be last for this year, resuming on 10th January 2015

14dec14 santas sleigh

A belated personation was made today to John Warren, one of the few remaining original starting  group. Today he received a hand crafted Twin Towns Tri Club 500 Race Towel with a dummy attached?? Word is he kept on pestering the committee for his towel that he was due last season!

Next week is our Joe Kelly Memorial Teams event,  Registration by 0600 – 0615 nsw time SHOTGUN START – NO HANDICAPS where everyone will select a number and find two other corresponding numbers which will determine your team, you’ll them choice who will do each leg. A request to race as a family team was suggested by Pete Nelson.  There are quite a few families that compete at Twinnies each week and as long as you are IMMEDIATE FAMILY you will be permitted to race as a team. The Course is still 10 laps in the pool, 3 laps around Darlington on the bike and the run course will be the normal course and may extend about an extra 200 metres. Following the race there will be a hot breakfast and a large amount of random draw prizes. Roy Curtis’s The Good Guys have donated some prizes as well- thanks Tony Latter and everyone else who has donated. All participants will receive 35 club points

14dec14 coast cyclery team

One of our sponsors Coast Cyclery

We have new Twinnies hats available for sale @$15 each, those of you who ordered new Twinnies Tri Suits, I have it on good advice from Di Lance that they should be here before Chrissy- fingers crossed.

Random Draw Prize Winners
Darren Jones, Richard Mourant, Jenny Scaysbrook, Danny Khazen, Hollie Robards and Peter McFie

Season Point Score as at 6 December 2014

1 Terry Simpson 276
2 Will Styman 275
3 Warren Copping 270
4 Phil Salter 268
5 Rob Gillies 263
6 Kerrie Turney 253
7 Danny Khazen 248
8 Gerard Robards 240
9 Sera Graham 240
10 Peter Harrington 237


Another selection of Pauls soxs

Another selection of Pauls soxs

There will be no marshalls required for the Joe Kelly Memorial Teams event. Marshalls for 20 December are
Fraser/Amaroo : Pete Nelson
Pink X’s : Damian Parsons
Woodlands Drive RAB: Kent Holmes

Doctor Bike
Paul Woodger today spoke and demonstrated the art of emergency braking- using a lower body position moving your body back and pulling on both front and rear brakes. Ensuring that you keep you front wheel straight, this is most important if you happened to experience a front tyre blow out


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club

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Race Report 6 December 2014

What was potentially going to be our first wet race this season, didn’t eventuate. The only moisture experienced by about 40 die- hard Twinnies members was from the water in the pool, the spray off the remaining wet roads and the sweat from the 98% humidity on the run. In fact, other than the wet road conditions it was almost the perfect racing conditions, cool and no wind.

6dec14 pauils soxs

Kev Bannerman has shown an interest Paul’s choice of soxs

Michelle Jones believes that getting older makes you faster, having celebrated her ??th birthday recently, has for the past two weeks achieved PB’s, well done.

Change to the Racing Program
Please note that the Joe Kelly Teams Event race will now be held on Saturday 20th December with all participants earning 35 points. Intermediates can participate BUT NOT in the cycle stage. There will  be a hot breakfast served following the race.

The Race on 27th December will be a normal handicapped race with points 35 down to 15 on offer.

Next Saturday 13th Santa will be visiting the Juniors, they will race on the 20th then have a two week break.

If you still want a new tri suit, you need to let me know, the order will be placed this Tuesday

Marshalls for Saturday 13th December
Amaroo/Fraser: Kev Bannerman
Pink X’s : Lisa Ross
Woodlands Dr: Wendy Wise

Prize Winners
The winner of the “Russ Evans Memorial Towel” which is awarded to the leader of the point score at the end of each month goes to Rob Gilles.

6dec14 Rob Gillies points score

Rob Gillies Monthly Point Score Winner

The weekly handicap winner was Lewis Saunders who walks away with $100 Twin Towns Vouchers

Random Draw Winners
Val Lambard, Gerard Robards, John Warren, Mollie Styman, Darren Jones, Col Woodward and Brendan Hill

Po ints Score after Race 12

1 Rob Gillies 263
2 Will Styman 253
3 Terry Simpson 245
4 Phil Salter 244
5 Warren Copping 238
6 Pete Harrington 221
7 Kerrie Turney 220
8 Michelle Jones 220
9 Gerard Robards 219
10 Danny Khazen 219
11 Marcel Van Kampen 219

Kev Bannerman poised a question or motion to the presentation crowd on whether Paul should continue to wear his Hi-Viz soxs, and it was a resounding YES, now the challenge is out for Kev to wear a pair!

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club