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Race Report 25 October 2014

A hot, windy, morning at Twin Towns Tri club this morning for 80 odd triathletes. Preparing all those eager triathletes for Noosa next weekend.

Another well earned milestone this week! A big congratulations to Damian Parsons on his 200th race! I am sure there will be another 200+ more

25 oct damo parsons comp

Damo Parsons

A reminder to those wanting to go to the Christmas party to put your name down. There is a limit of 80 people. Payment due by the 22nd November.

Unfortunately a member of the public wrote an official complaint about one of our cyclists on the bike course.  A reminder to EVERYBODY to follow ALL road rules at ALL times whilst on the bike. This includes slowing down to give way to the right at round abouts, stopping at red lights, and keeping to the left of the road. It is important we maintain these rules for the safety of the club and other road users.


Bike Advice

–       Using drops downhill

–       To avoid shaking out of control when at high speeds bringing head over handle bars and keeping a relaxed posture.

GOOD LUCK to all those competing in NOOSA this weekend! Stay safe and give it your all!!! Look forward to hearing the results of the weekend !!


Random Draw Winners

Amy Nelson

Ashton Saunders

Selwyn Van Wyk

Peter Stowe

Damian Parsons

25 oct Amy Nelson comp

Amy Nelson collecting her Random Draw Prize

Marshals next week

Hollie Robards – Woodlands RAB

Peter Townsend  – Fraser/Amaroo

Travis Coleman – Pink Crosses


Point Score as at 25 October

1 Will Styman 147
2 Jo Colja 146
3 Jim Collins 141
4 Darren Jones 134
Phil Salter 134
6 Terry Simpson 132
7 Michelle Jones 131
8 Stuart Crawford 130
9 Marcel Van Kampen 129
10 Kylie Mison 127
Kent Holmes 127



See you next week triathletes 🙂

Holli Robards
Twin Towns Triathlon Club


Race 6 of 29

Race Report  18 October 2014

Ah the joys of being a Queenzlanndeeer – Daylight saving and Double distance!!!  Enuff said.

Yes, Twinnies annual Double distance has been run, with a huge rollup, filling the front rack and spilling over on to the middle rack.  With near perfect weather conditions a great race was had by most with  a good hit out prior to Noosa in two weeks.

Rumour has it that there was a slight hiccup between a father and son team,  as one slowed/stopped for a car and the other more experienced and wiser somehow ran into the back of him and performed an aerial display going over the top of the handlebars, hope he is ok and more importantly his bike is not damaged- this has not been confirmed but was he drafting to keep up??? The matter is being investigated by the Judiciary, expect an outcome within the next 9 months.

Thanks again for the marshalls who were out on their points for the duration. There will be an opportunity for those that didn’t get their name down for marshalling to claim a spot on the Pink X’s. A sheet will be there on Saturday for you to write you name down. Remember, to qualify for Club Championships you need to have completed one marshalling point and a minimum of 12 races

Marshalls for 25 October
Fraser and Amaroo: Shelly Roy
Woodlands Drive RAB: Bella Pidcock

Congratulations to our latest Hawaiian Ironman competitor
Heidi Sowerby completed last weekends gruelling event in a fantastic time of 10 hours and 56 minutes and according to Storm Cycle Owner Sheridan Bosworth- this has qualified her for entry into the Boston Marathon.

18 oct Heidi Kona

Heidi Sowerby Hawaiian Ironwoman

Free Events:
We have two free events on offer to members
Des Gooda will be hosting a transition workshop this Saturday following our race at the racks. It is expected to last about 30-40 minutes and will cover all areas of transitioning. Expect to learn a few tricks to get in and out faster- remember you are never too young to learn something.

Storm Cycles is hosting a free information night this coming Thursday 23 October 5:30pm 5:30pm QLD time at the shop …. How to Change a Tube. Only three spots left. To get involved call the shop or send an email to service@stormcycles.com.au if you’d like to attend.

Upcoming Events:
Its getting to that time of the year where all the triathlon training pays off – party time, sharing good food and drinks with friends, and friends and more friends, so keep up the training.
Our Club Christmas party will be held on 30th November- Tweed River Cruisers and Pub Lunch- more details to follow.

Point Score after Race 4

1 Jacqui Willcox 97
2 Kerrie Turney 92
3 Jim Collins 91
4 Warren Copping 87
5 Sera Graham 85
6 Danny Warner 85
7 Sonny Warner 84
8 Darren Jones 83
9 Jo Colja 82
10 Stuart Crawford 80

 Random Draw Winners
Tarnya Sim, Danny Khazen, Amanda Hall, Chris Smith, Glenn Lance, Peter Harrington and Wendy Sanders

 Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club