Race Report 27 September 2014

Race 3 of 29

Under clear skies and with more friendly faces returning our first points score race for Twinnies was held. Why was one prominent real estate agent wearing an old dirty football jumper (looks like it hadn’t seen the sun for a couple of years) instead of a triathlon suit?

It appears all the glass on the course last week resulting in at least 3 punctures has been cleaned up. Dr Bike Junior Paul Woodger will be Dr Bike spoke on the best method and technique for removing and re-fitting both the front and rear wheels, using the hand brakes to ensure the centring of the wheel. Next week will include a demonstration on the skills required to repair a puncture next week- might be a good opportunity for timed competition?? Any takers..

Again thanks to our weekly marshalls, I have one vacancy left on the current roster. That is Club championships, when that is full we will open up nominations for the Pink X’s

A request was made for the early runners to keep to edge of the roadway and allow cyclists particularly the intermediates the safety of the bike lane.

An encouragement video clip was filmed and will be sent to Heidi as she prepares to conquer the Hawaiian Iron Man at Kona on 11 October.

Marshalls for next week are
Amaroo/Fraser : Andrew Venables
Woodlands Drive: Stuart McGill

Random Draw Winners
Ben Hall, Jim Collins, Kent (Happy 60th for Sunday) Holmes , Gerard Robards, Peter Serone, Richard Mourant and Owen Percy

Thanks again to our weekly sponsors; Coastal Cyclery, South Tweed Cycles, Storm Cycles, Cannabil Clothing, Kingscliff Cycle Centre, Palm Beach Super cycles & Felt for their drink bottles- remember please support our sponsors before heading online.

It was great to see the Juniors back for the start of their season, Scott and Kelly have stood down and Scott’s sister Tracey Knight has taken on the role.

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon

Race 2 of 29

Saturday 20th September 2014

Another beautiful Saturday morning prevailed for perfect racing conditions at Twinnies. The second triathlon back for the season done and dusted. A warm welcome to all of the new triathletes coming and completing the course.

A message of thanks to everyone from Doug for registering on time, allowing for everybody to start on time.
Twin Towns Tri Suits are now available for order $150 each.
A big milestone to be celebrated. Last week was Jo’s 80th birthday. A true inspiration to be completing triathlons at 80 years of age. So a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Jo.
Another Twin Towns milestone was celebrated, Sara Graeme achieved 100 races. Congratulations to a well earned accomplishment.
Marshalls for this weekend are:
Amaroo/Fraser – Terry Simpson
Woodlands Drive – Joanne Colja.
Random Draw Winners
Gerard Robards
Joe Ward
Stuart Mcgill
Hamish Mcfie
Look forward to seeing everyone this Saturday for a safe race! Point scoring begins this week!
Written by Hollie Robards
Twin Towns Triathlon  Club