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Race Report 15 March 2014

As our season comes to an end, just the Club Championship race to go, with great weather, Twinnies  numbers were down as many were away competing at Mooloolaba, or Surf Living Saving titles at Kirra. There was a bit of jubilation to be seen with quite a few people achieving their PB-whether it’s the new bike some have, or just trying to beat your husband and daughter- all in good competitive fun.

Our Intermediate competitors had their club championship today and everyone stepped up to the challenge, their course is swim 6 laps, two laps of Leisure/Darlington on the bike and then run out 1 km to near the bottom of the hill and back
Males:                                                                             Females:
1st Place Tom Courtney 35:45                                     1st Freyja Curnow                37:21
2nd Ashton Saunders      36:57                                     2nd Lucy McPhie                    40:01
3rd Jeremy Simpson       38:26                                      3rd Caitlin Jones                    49:35

15mar14 intemediate champs cp

L-R: :Lucy,Freyja,Ashton, Tom


Another welcome addition to the exclusive 500 Race Club- Glen Lance today achieved that , congratulations. It was back on 15th October 1994 with his two children Matt and Lauren and the driving force- the lovely Di and got them out of bed each Saturday morning to head down to Twinnies. Glen has been involved in the juniors and for the first 200-300 of his races helped with the kids, the next 200 he has always helped put get out, he is truly an appreciated member of this club.

15mar14 glen lance 500 cp

Glen Lance 500 Race Member

Presentation Night next week – remember no ticket sales at the door or on the day, Contact Julie Bloor or West to get hold of ticket.

Club Championship
Be warned if you draft you will be busted, the penalty will be to stop, get off your bike and lift it above your head. Your Draft Busters will be Rob Gillies and Matt Lance.
The official started will be world recognised iron man champion Mr Ross Ferguson
The pre – race briefing will be delivered in a force full voice by Kevin “The Rock” Bannerman.

You still need to be registered by 06:00

Starting Times:
Non-competitive: 06:15
Female                 : 06:30
Male                     : 06:45

Police will be manning the traffic lights- please take care riding through these intersections.

Marshalls for Next week
Fraser/Amaroo Intersection: Paul Somerfield
Ash RAB: Richard Mourant
Woodlands Dr RAB: Peter Nelson

Bike Racking

Bike Racking

Random Draw winners
A big thank you to our sponsors who have been there all season, some year in and year out
Palm Beach Supercycles –Roger and team, Cannibal Clothing- Glenn, Storm Cycles – Sheridan and team- Chris who, South Tweed Cycles – Marg and Bill, Kingscliff Cycles, Felt Cycles- Steve, Train Race, Recover- Brendan, Studio Four- Bec. Please remember if you are out looking to purchase equipment/clothing, visit our sponsors first, without their support we would not be able to offer these weekly prizes.

The winners this week
Peter Harrington, Jeremy Simpson, Rob Gillies, Mark Courtney, Scott Bornholt, Guy Davoren, Jim Collins

Next week your guest reporter will be Hollie Robards, reporting on both the race and the presentation night. As I’ll be out of the country,thanks for all your support this year, we have a great club made up of great members. Next year we will be celebrating 25 years of Twin Towns Triathlon- expect some celebrations!
Stuart Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club



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Race Report 8 March 2014

With just one more Twinnies club race to go before the Club Championships, we started  today, under  grey skies and a sprinkling of rain was experienced throughout the morning.

The greasy conditions saw Heidi take a fall at Woodlands Drive roundabout leaving no room for Matt Stanley to go but down as well. Heidi  re-opened an wound suffer in the lead up to this season. She is hoping to recover in time to compete in the Hawaiian Ironman. This is how she reported it on that great social networking site

Whoops. A slick road and a nice slice on my elbow this am. Right up my old scar. All stitched up now!!! I need to learn how to ride a bike!

8mar14 darrin caitlyn jones comp

Darrin and Cailin preparing to do battle in the pool

With the increase in quite a few members going off at 0600, I couldn’t believe my eyes to see cyclists heading off into the darkness without rear lights and it has since been reported that there was a member with no front or rear lights. Are you kidding.



Given the wet greasy conditions this morning, Doctor Bike Junior spoke on the importance of; correct gear choice, riding easy and staying in the saddle. Paul also spoke on the importance of good bike lights, change your battery regularly.

Julie, Shelley & Bronwyn

Julie, Shelley & Bronwyn

Presentation Night is almost here, ticket sales have been going through the roof, early mail is there will be plenty of prizes, great food, plenty more prizes, re-hydrating fluids,and some more re-hydrating fluids Remember there will be not ticket sales at the door or on the day, if you can’t get down to the club next Saturday and need to purchase a ticket,  let us know via the contacts page.

Random Draw winners this week
Matt Stanley, Kent Holmes, Caitlin Jones, Guy Davoren, Matt Lance, Jim Collins, Richelle Courtney, Stuart Crawford and Rob Gillies.

Marshalls for Next Week:
Amaroo/Fraser Drive: Col Woodward
Woodlands Drive RAB: Richard Mourant


Did you loose an earring last week???  Is so its been found. See Doug Neil

Our AGM was held this morning and oversighted by Twin Towns Club Officials’

There being but only one nomination for each position, all 2014 positions were declared filled.

The new office bearers for the next season are:

President: Val Lambard
Vice President: Julie Bloor
Treasurer: Jim Collins
Secretary: Jenny Scaysbrook
Recorded/Time Keeper: Doug Neil
Committee: Sue Baxter, Warren Copping, Stuart Crawford, Guy Davoren, Vicki Lawes

Your 2014/15 Committee

Your 2014/15 Committee (Warren Copping and Guy Davoren missing)

Finally good luck to all the Twinnies members heading to Mooloolaba

Stuart Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club