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Race Report 25 January 2014

It was described by some as near perfect race conditions down at Twinnies on Saturday as just under 100 members completed the course. The Pink Fairy, was out during the week sprinkling her fairy paint and according to our Marshall this week, the fairy dust must have worked, No infringements.

Man Hug

Man Hug

Dr Bike- Roger has offered his skills and experience to go the the infamous corner and show people how to go through the corner if required. All you need to do is ask him.

As we approach the end of the season, its the time we start looking towards our AGM following our race on 8 March. If you are interested in coming onto the committee, PLEASE see Mary Ann Shuker, and fill in a nomination form which can be found at the registration desk. Please note nominations close 5th February.

Tri Coach Des: Positions are filling quick for the run clinic to be held at Kingscliff on 2nd February commencing 0800 EDST. Contact Des if you’re interested in participating.

Relaxing after the Race

Relaxing after the Race

Marshalls for 1 February
Fraser/Amaroo: Sony Warner
Pink X’s: Morgan Monahan
Ash RAB: Brendan Brooks
Woodlands RAB: Amanda Attard

We are still looking for Marshalling Volunteers,
if you can help out have a look here where the vacancies are,
and email me or see me each Saturday

At a minimum I need 3 marshalls in total, one  at Fraser/Amaroo on 15 March, and two at Woodlands Roundabout on 15 Marsh and Club Championship day 22 March to comply with our authority to hold this weekly event



Random Draw Winners:
Glenn Lance, Sue Baxter, Jess Selleck, Ashton Saunders

As we heard a couple of weeks ago, when Rob Gillies completed his 500 club race.He was instrumental in establishing the juniors competition. We have had many juniors come through the ranks over the years. Just last week one of our latest recruits from the juniors cracked the hour, well done Will Styman- Dad you better pick up your game

On the Juniors, we are looking for some parents to take over running the program as Scott and Kelly no longer have any children racing, Mollie will be competing in the Intermediate races from next season. There is not a great deal of work involved, just a commitment to be there each week or arrange for someone else. If you are interested please see Scott before the end of the racing calendar. It would be a shame if no one took on the role and the juniors were forced to close down.


Good luck to all those heading to Gundy for the HOW on Sunday

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club

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Race Report 18 January 2014

How do you know its Summer?  When you jump into the pool at 0600 at its 26 degrees, that said, Twinnies had another dry race, with a just under 100 competitors going around the course free from injury, albeit not abuse! It appears motorists are getting increasingly frustrated with cyclists. One of our experience riders copped a mouth full for no apparent reason. This is unfortunate, but also where we need to show maturity and control our response, remember your safety is paramount.

18jan14 #6

Big and Little Kids + Camera = Funny Faces

Another report has been received of one of our very experience members completing a 100 km training ride on Sunday when riding down Fraser Drive, had a plastic drink bottle thrown at him. The rider was able to follow the vehicle, obtain the registration number and has reported it to the police.

Mary-Ann Shuker has been a strong advocate for improving our swim start systems, she even contemplated recording herself, but came up with a two computer screens option with a digital clock display. It appeared to work well, Rob Gillies our newest addition to the 600 race club, stepped up and called out the time for those vision impaired members. On a side note, I have it on good authority that our timing system program that has been in use for over 20 years has been re-written from DOS base to a windows style program. This will be tested over the next few weeks to iron out, identify any problems and fingers crossed will be up and running either by the end of this season or at the beginning of next season. This will allow our times to be up loaded to the big Ethernet in the sky for everyone who can find them – see them, rest assured we will still be providing by popular demand your weekly splits.

There has been a request from the lovely ladies at the Registration table ( and Doug) to have all registration completed prior to 0600 NSW time.

18jan14 #1

Who’s the Rose between the THORNES!

We have spoken about riders travelling around the left hand down hill corner ( Pink Crosses) over the past couple of weeks. This week we have identified three male riders # 287, #160, #12 who came oh so close to crossing onto the wrong side of the road. Please remember, we are not playing for sheep stations. Only a few weeks back we saw three riders come off at this intersection under wet conditions and the follow week another rider – Rex, hope you recovery is going well, came off very hard and headed to Tweed Hospital.  Doug has been out during the week and found that, some kind person has re-painted the pink crosses. Be Warned cross onto the dark side and expect to be sitting on the sidelines for two week.

Random Draw Winners this week
Dave deClosey, Lisa Moore, Thomas Faircliffe, Hollie Robards, Phil Salter and Amanda Hall

Doctor Bike ramped things up this week and held a trivia quiz, testing members on his past talks, every correct answer was award a prize, Thanks Roger from Palm Beach Super Cycles.


1 Will Styman 367
2 Vaughan Skelly 363
3 Guy Davoren 363
4 Scott Styman 352
5 Terry Simpson 337
6 Vicki Lawes 331
7 Matt Stanley 327
8 Lewis Saunders 324
9 Trevor Lawes 320
10 Ryan Stoddart 319
18jan14 #2

Triathletes partners


Marshalls for next week 25 January 
Please note that there will be no breakfast this race, but will be held on 1 February

Amaroo/Fraser Drive: Lisa Warner
Pink X’s: Ron Martinenko
Ash RAB: Victoria Martinenko
Woodlands RAB: Shelly Roy

Weekly Rant: we still need marshalls to fill the remaining vacancies


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club

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