Team Challenge Event

Race Report 28 December 2013

Traditional formalities were set aside today at Twinnies for the running of our second teams challenge. We had 26 teams in total and after the met and greet it was down to strategising. Who was the best in each team.

The course today was announced by former school master Mr Kevin ‘the rock’  Bannerman with his typical powerful voice, as 14 laps of the pool, 3 laps of Darlington Drive and the run leg was extended to the driveway of Banora Green an overall distance 5.17km. There was plenty of sledging and although this was a friendly event meeting some of the other members in the club, there was strong competition. Jenny Curnow was quietly surprised that she beat her daughter Freyja out of the water. Then I used Sonny Warner as a pacer on the run leg, and for a young fella he was running well for a while, but he left nothing in the tank and was easily passed and left behind.

There were a number of entries for best dressed and Ginny Jones came up trumps, well done.

The post celebrations were held amid the healthy breakfast hosted by DGC –Des Gooda Coaching, if you are after some extra tuition Des is the man to see, he might also give you one of his brand new tri suits, just ask him!

28dec jinny jones best dressed




















Milestones: Congratulations to Guy Davoren the winner of the Russ Evans Memorial Towel for the monthly handicap winner.

28dec rus evans towel guy davoren

Marshalls for next week
Fraser/Amaroo Intersection: Jo Ward
Pink X’s : Jenny Curnow
Ash Roundabout: Jinny Jones
Woodlands Drive Roundabout: Ian Curnow

We still have vacancies on the Marshalling Roster, remember if you wish to compete in the Club Championships you or depending on your age have your parent stand in as a Marshall. This link does not allow you to add your name, to nominate please go to the Contact Us Page and nominate your date.

Although todays event was not classed as a normal race, there were 35 points up for everyone that attended, this should see some significant movement in the top of the table point next week.

Points after Race 15

1 Terry Simpson 322
2 Guy Davoren 298
3 Ryan Stoddart 289
4 Vaughan Skelly 278
5 Will Styman 276
6 Scott Styman 267
7 Warren Copping 267
8 Vicki Lawes 266
9 Lewis Saunders 259
10 Peter Serone 258

Back to normal racing next week, the festivities continue this week leading up to NYE celebrations, stay safe and train hard.


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club

Race Report 21 December 2013

Race 15 of 28

Its almost here, you can hear all the all the shops cash registers going cha ching as you line up and pass over your credit card. But what a cracking day we had down at Twinnies on Saturday, very noice conditions. Its seems a few may have been nursing sore heads or catching up on some well earned sleep as numbers were down a bit.

21dec13 pre tri

Santa arrived to hand out some pressies to the kids, and some of the adults may get a little pressie next week, we are hoping that the uniform order will arrive in a red sack.

21dec13 santa kids

Next week we break from tradition with our 2nd Teams Event –to be held, how this will work is every one wishing to compete will take a number and then find the other two team mates with the same number. Then, between you, you will decide who does which discipline. To spice it up a bit each of the legs/disciples may be extended??????. Prizes awarded to best fancy dressed

So what do you need to bring, if you’re keen bring you helmet, googles and runners

This will be followed by a health breakfast

Dr Bike – Paul Woodger spoke today on maintenance of your brakes, pads and cables. Generally the front pads will wear quicker, to check the condition there is a groove across the centre of the pad and if you can’t see this its time to change the pads. If you handle comes close to the bar, that’s an indication of the cable stretching.

Tri Coach Des- spoke about the benefit of riding mountain bikes, generally a safe bike and a valuable training tool.

Random Draw winners
Peach Samson, Liam Taylor, Peter Townsend, Des Gooda, Joe Mollica, Brett Shanks, Ryan Stoddart.

Current Point Scores after race 14

1 Terry Simpson 279
2 Guy Davoren 260
Ryan Stoddart 259
4 Will Styman 246
5 Vaughan Skelly 237
6 Scott Styman 237
7 Dave Proudfoot 237
8 Warren Copping 237
9 Vicki Lawes 236
10 Gary Cooke 234

Club championships will be here before you know it. To compete in the championships, there are two criteria, 1. Completed 12 club races, 2. Volunteered at marshalling point at least once in the current season.  That includes intermediates. (Intermediates can marshal at the Pink X’s or Ash/Fraser Roundabout) Parents of intermediates can attend in their place. There are still 18 vacancies to be filled. Drop me a line via the Contacts page with the date you would like to marshal.

santas gifts 1

On behalf of the Twinnies Trianthlon Committee we wish you and your families a safe and happy Christmas and look forwarded to see everyone  back for the teams event on Saturday


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club