Race Report 23 November 2013

Race 11 of 28

Twinnies members woke to that lovely sound of rain drops falling on the roof, (read heavy down pours) but all abated prior to 0600, with the sun just breaking from behind the clouds but not enough to dry the road surface leaving it a bit greasy. Following on from last week where 3 cyclists fell from grace with minor grazing, today was slightly different with 2 cyclists heading for some extra treatment at Tweed Hospital.


Complaining they never make the website!

Rex Butler on his first outing found the pink crosses where be decided his race was finished coming down hard. Thankfully Rex is only suffering from severe corking to his thigh and should be back on his bike soon. Then there was the pocket rocket Victoria Martinenko who found the cobblestone roundabout on Botanical Circuit a bit tricky and came adrift. She went on to finish the race, have a flying run before Dad (Ron) had a look and diagnosed a fractured wrist. This was later confirmed at Tweed Hospital and Victoria will be out of action for a couple of weeks. We wish them both a speedy recovery.

Kingy Tri is on this coming weekend and Des Gooda is still taking names if anyone would like to assist. See previous posts for Des number or Sebastian from QSM Sports.

The list is growing for this years Christmas Party and money is gladly accepted, please see either of the Julies (Lowe or West) For catering purposes we need final numbers AND YOUR $$$$$$$$$$$$ this coming Saturday.



The uniform order has been sent off to Cannabil, and all things going well, we should have them back before Chrissy.

House Keeping- when running along Darlington Drive, please keep to the right of the white line, some have been creeping out onto the roadway forcing the intermediate competitors further out.

Doctor Bike focused his talking on correct cornering techniques following this mornings crashes demonstrating the correct body position- move your body weight to the outside, pushing down on the outside pedal and more pressure on the outside handlebar. Also ensure you have adequate tyre pressures 100psi.

Tri Coach Des spoke on how hard it is to maintain your peak fitness, suggesting the need to focus on performing your best in one of the disciplines, mixing it up each week.

Marshalls for next week
Amaroo/Fraser Dr: Scott Collins
Pink X’s : Angela Hodge
Ash Roundabout: Darren Jones
Woodlands Drive RAB: Michelle Jones


I still need 7 volunteers to fill the priority marshalling positions at Fraser/Amaroo and Woodlands Drive Roundabout and then 15 spots going at the Pink X’s and Ash RAB. If you can help please have a look a Marshalling Roster and choose a date that suits.

Random Draw Winners today
Vaughan Skelly, Hollie Robards, Kip Freeman, Guy Davoren, Julie West and Bella Pidcock

Remember to support our weekly sponsors, Kingscliff Cycles, South Tweed Cycles, Cannabil, Storm Cycles, Train Race Recover, Palm Beach Supercycles and Felt Cycles


1 Gary Cooke 218
2 Lewis Saunders 204
3 Dave Proudfoot 204
4 Guy Davoren 203
5 Will Styman 201
6 Scott Collins 198
7 Warren Copping 192
8 Terry Simpson 191
9 Vicki Lawes 188
10 Vaughan Skelly 184

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club


Race Report 16 November 2013

Race 10 of 28

Well, Twinnies, we’ve had it good for the first 11 races (including 2 qualifaction races) but it had to come, thankfully towards the end, but did it come. The Juniors were half way through their race when Mother Nature dropped her bundle. The transition area was under water, there were reports of mice floating away on Holli Robards black havianas  – if you find them she would like them back!


Wet transition area- new swim course

A big pat on the back to Bella Pidcock for her excellent skills in patching up and looking after 3 of our cyclists that hit the bitumen this morning. Bella was marshalling at the Pink X’s  the corner of Ash and Glen Ayr Drive where the surface had been rejuvenated (bitumen re-coating) during the week, then there was that dog running out onto the road so one could expect, with a greasy surface, distractions from the dog we were lucky for no one else came down. Thanks also to Brendan Stanford for standing in and helping out at Amaroo & Fraser when one of our marshals couldn’t make it.

Kingy Tri
We are still calling on volunteers to help out at Kingscliff Tri on Sunday 1 December if you can help out give Des Gooda a call on 0439 752-591. See last weeks post about the positions and roles required.

Richard Mourant is now a proud member of the 100 Race Club.


100 Race Club Member -Richard Mourant

Are there any Sheep Stations on offer?
Again and again, there have been requests that when passing through transitions that you SLOWWWWW DOWWWNN when CALLING OUT YOUR NUMBER. When coming home CALL YOUR NUMBER OUT at the top of the stairs- Not when coming through the gate. The ladies at registration record each person twice, once in the computer and once in written down in case of problems. If your number gets missed you will not get a finishing time.

Tri Tips from Des Following on from this mornings accidents, the number one tip SAFETY FIRST. SAFETY LAST. Don’t take on cars, trucks you will come off second best. Which is support by an article in SMH 16/11/13
Riding a bike is looming as a new wave health hazard with three cyclists killed around Sydney suburbs in the past three weeks. A woman and two men, all aged in their 40s, died after being clipped by vehicles or falling off their bikes and suffering head injuries. NSW is the most dangerous state in Australia to ride a bike. Fifteen cyclists have died on the road this year, eight more than in all of 2012.

The journo made this proposal
Every time you get on a bike, from this moment forward, obey the letter of the law in every traffic exchange everywhere to help drivers (and police officers) view cyclists as predictable users of the road who deserve respect. And every time you get behind the wheel, remember that even the slightest inattention can maim or kill a human being enjoying a legitimate form of transportation. 

Doctor Bike Senior Roger also took the opportunity to discuss cornering techniques following the falls this morning. Having correct body position, inside pedal up and applying pressure on the outside pedal will help to correctly distribute weight.

Uniforms Next Saturday is your last opportunity to order uniform items, please print out the order form from the email, bring your money or print your credit card details and hand deliver to Julie next Saturday at the Club.


The Brains Trust


Random Draw Winners Remember to support our weekly sponsors; Train Race Recover, Kingscliff Cycles, Cannabil, Storm Cycles, South Tweed Cycles, Palm Beach Supercycles And the winners were: Ron Martinenko, Peter Serone, Matt Stanley, Caitlin Jones, Amy Nelson, Julie West, Steve Bourne, Peter McFie and Jo Ward

Marshalls for next week Amaroo/Fraser Intersection: Dave de Closey Pink X’s: Vicki Lawes Ash Roundabout: Trevor Lawes Woodlands Drive Roundabout: Sue Baxter

Point Score after Race 9

1 Gary Cooke 195
2 Lewis Saunders 189
3 Dave Proudfoot 189
4 Guy Davoren 188
5 Will Styman 186
6 Scott Collins 183
7 Vicki Lawes 173
8 Warren Copping 173
9 Joanne Colja 168
10 Trevor Lawes 165






Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club