Race Report 26th October 2013

Race 7 of 28

With perfect racing conditions, not too hot, not too cold, no wind, just right! huge crowds again came to race at Twinnies today, with competitors queuing back to the pool deck. Remember registration closes @0600.DST


Legends! or Old Heads of the Club? Experiance through and through

At least next week the crowd won’t be so big with the annual jaunt to the Sunny Coast to party mixed with some excercise- a 1500 metre swim in the Noosa Canal, a 40 km ride out into the country side- PS watch out for those big groups going by, don’t get tempted to join the train, you just might find yourself in the penalty box for 2 minutes, then head back to transition to grab your runners for a nice out and back 10km run. Lap up the cheers from the spectators as you go out, high 5 those kids cheering you on, dance to the juke box out near the run turn around and then head for home. Remember that you’re racing the same course on the same day as world champions. Enjoy the moment, and then the party starts, that’s if you haven’t already. Don’t forget to head down to the presentation there is a chance you might score a prize.

Uniform orders were sent out in the last email,  prices have not changed and are on the website. We require minimum orders, so please if you are interested this is your opportunity, complete the order form with your credit card details and bring it along next week or drop it into Cannabil located on Machinery Drive. Orders close next Monday at close of Business.

Doctor Bike Senior Roger Campbell gave a demo on changing a tyre, checking inside the tyre to make your any foreign objects have been removed, then using a gas canister to inflate the tyre, apparently the trick is to inflate the tyre slowly, not too fast as you may blow everything up. Make sure you get Rodg’s number so you can call him for some tips when you get your next flat.


Doctor Bike Senior


With everyone looking for a better deal, many are heading to the internet to make their purchases, we have a number of bike shops sponsoring our club each weekly and have been for a number of years. If you need something, head to your local bike shop first, preferably one of our sponsors and talk to them first and seek their professional knowledge, you might be surprised what deals they may offer you.

We found three people side by side heading down a lane of the pool this morning, please pool etiquette means single file, keep to the left of the centre lane line unless overtaking.

Chrissy Party at Summer Grove, Carool on 14 December. We are looking at suggestions for pick ups along the way. Please make your pick up suggestions via our contact page and we’ll see what can be arranged. PS no private address will be considered.


Committe Man & Water Boy Guy Davoren

Marshalls for Next Week
Mark Whitticker, Peter Nelson, Paul Woodger & Lisa Moore.
We are still looking for marshalls, please, please consider nominating, if everyone in the club marshalled at least once, we could fill the roster.

Random Draw Winners
thanks to our weekly sponsors
Storm Cycles, Palm Beach SuperCycles, Kingscliff Cycles, South Tweed Cycles, Cannibal Clothing, Train Race Recover
Leanne Collins, Kevin Bannerman, Matt Kane, Anthony Newman, Amanda Hall and Danny Warner.

Kingscliff Triathlon – 1 December, we are looking for volunteers to help with marshalling. Again if you can help let us know via the contacts page

Top 10 Point Score after Race 6

1 Gary Cooke 146
2 Lewis Saunders 144
3 Dave Proudfoot 141
4 Kent Holmes 140
5 Scott Collins 138
6 Guy Davoren 138
7 Terry Simpson 129
8 Steve Bourne 129
9 Jenny Scaysbrook 128
10 Vicki Lawes 127

Tony Worrad is still looking for people to ride along with him and Ray as they raise funds for ROMAC. If you are interested in riding along or donating money please call Tony on 0427 727-880. Ride leaves Chris Cunningham Park, Wharf Street, Tweed  Heads on 3rd November heading to Singleton.

Editors Note: In relation to last weeks post. Please see the correct information relating to the Yamba Triathlon. In respective age groups. Tracy Foyster 1st, Jenny Scaysbrook 1st, Heidi Sowerby 1st, Des gooda 1st, Jo Colja 2nd, Lee Butcher 3rd, Karly Hawkins 3rd, Also with good finishers were Sara Harrington , Sheridan Bosworth, & Danny Warner.


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club


Race Report 19 October 2013

Race 6 of 28

Again we had great weather for our Double Distance Race, thanks very much to both Hollie Robards & Stu Chambers for marshalling the entire race. We saw over 130 competitors including 13 new starters go around the both the double & single  distance course . That was the last big hit out before we have a large contingent head north to compete and represent Twinnies at the Noosa Multi Sport Triathlon in two weeks.


Comparing Times & Tactics

Twinnies members rated well at last weekends Yamba Triathlon with Tracey Foyster  and Jenny Scaysbrook finishing 1st in their age group, Heidi  Sowerby 2nd and Jo Colja 3rd in their age groups- well done

Stolen Property: Peter Crowe is seeking assistance from the cycling fraternity to assist in locating his Trek bike. He described is as Red in colour  US Postal markings with a red seat approx 12-15 years old, it has blue/white handlebar tape. It was taken from Tally Valley.

Paul Woodger has finally completed 150 Races- congratulations


Paul Woodger completing 150 Club Races

Doctor Bike Junior
Todays lecture was on checking the skewers on the bike, there the things that hold 7 lock the wheels into place, Most of our bikes have quick releases fitted, if you hear a rattling sound as you go over bumps, say Dry Dock Road, parts of Kennedy Drive etc there is a chance your front skewer is loose. Next week he’ll show everyone how easy it is to change a tyre. Make sure you get his phone number so you can call him when you get a flat, get Lancey’s number as well he’s pretty good at changing flats as well.

Marshalls for next week
Warren Copping, Dave Proudfoot, Gerard Robards & Andrew Venables

Claim A Date: The Tri Club Christmas Party is on 14th December up at Summer Grove, Carool.


Up & coming triathletes

Tony Worrad  and his mate Ray are off on a seven day ride from Tweed Heads to Singleton supporting and raising funds for ‘Ride for Romac’.

Romac Mission Statement is to provide medical treatment for children from developing countries in the form of life-saving and/or dignity restoring surgery not accessible to thm in their home country .

They will be leaving Chris Cunningham Park adjacent to Twin Towns Services Club on Sunday 3rd November. If anyone, is interested in joining them for a ride segment or to give a donation call Tony on 0427 727 880.

           Top 10 Point Scores after Race

1 Gary Cooke 111
2 Lewis Saunders 109
3 Dave Proudfoot 106
4 Kent Holmes 105
5 Scott Collins 103
6 Guy Davoren 103
7 Tom Dinsey 96
8. Terry Simpson 94
9 Steve Bourne 94
10 Jenny Scaysbrook 93


Random Draw Winners
Again a big thanks goes out to our weekly sponsors
Studio 4, Sth Tweed Cycles, Palm Beach Super Cycles, Kingscliff Cycles, Storm Cycles and today’s race Brendan Stanford from Train Race Recover
Ky West, Gerard Robards, Andrew Batchelor, Peter Crowe, Peter Williamson,Vicki Lawes and Will Styman.

We will be taking uniform orders, the ordering system has changed. Attached to your weekly email is an order form, Orders will be closed on and will take 4 weeks to be delivered. You only need to print out and complete the order form and place your credit card details under your name and bring the completed order form along to the Club
Race. If you wish to check sizing, please go along to the Cannabil Shop on Machinery Drive, Kids sizes will also be available. As we are required to place minimum orders this is the ideal time to get some gear, makes for great Christmas pressies.


Twin Towns Triathlon Club