Race Report 28 September 2013

Race 3 of 28 – First Points Race



Another fantastic roll-up for Twinnies Tri Club, with over 100 competitors and still old (previous) members returning along with new members. One returning member unfortunately did not check the bike course and headed up to and along Terranora Road. Please, if you know of people attending, take them for a drive or at least make sure they check the course –  before heading out.

With many members racing over the off season in world class events it was a welcoming site to see them back here on their home track, one member who competed in the 70.3 Ironman Race on the Sunny Coast boasted of her PB, Ang- its a long season, George Levitt used to watch his watch feign a leg injury and walk from the tennis courts and then at the end of the season show his true colours. George if you have internet whilst heading to Base Camp for a little stroll in the Himalayas.

Doctor Bike Junior
Paul Woodger discussed the need to have your helmet chin strap and that funny twisty knobby thing at the back correct adjusted. Those clip things need to be adjusted so they are just under the ears, that knobby thing needs to be tightened- so according to Paul, you’re almost squeezing your brains out your ears and the chin strap needs to be tight enough that you can comfortably place two fingers between the chin strap and your chin. Placement of the helmet is correct when you place two fingers above your eyebrows and you can feel the helmet.




Someone Must Own Theses?

Marshalling – again!!!

We are still looking for volunteers for our marshalling points – We Must Have Marshalls At Fraser/Amaroo Intersection and Woodland Roundabout. At this point in time I have NO nominations for our Double Distance Race on 19 October. If you can assist please let me know via the Contacts Page,  and that goes for every other Saturday – here is the link to the Marshalling page, we need everyone to help out- FOR  just one Saturday, you can still get a race in- just see Doug.

Next Saturday we see the first of our ‘healthy breakfasts’ following the presentation- its a great oppoturnity for business people in the club to showcase their business- A $200 donation will cover the cost of the breakfast, you get to promote your business, it will be promoted on the clubs website, emails and facebook page. We have 6 breakfasts planned for the year so if you’re interested drop me a line with the Contacts page

If any one is after accommodation at either Noosa – 1 Room with Rob Gilles – located a short walk from Transition on the Run Course or a Ground Floor 3 bedroom apartment at Mooloolaba at Alexandra Headland -(Headland Tropicana we are just about to cancel our booking so if your interested let me know ASAP. )

Random Draw Winners this Week

Julie West, Bruce  Charge, Thomas Faircliffe, Angus Borne

Julie West 150 Races completed-


Kye West accepting mum’s 150 race cap and random draw prize

Marshalls for 5 October 
Fraser/Amaroo – George Saunders
Pink X’s  – Lewis Saunders
Ash RAB – Paul Woodger
Woodlands RAB – Dance Wilson’s

Remember to turn up for next Saturday’s Breakfast- the last normal race before daylight saving kicks in on Sunday morning!








Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club


Race Report 21 September 2013

Race 2 0f 28 – 2nd Qualifying

Continuing on from last week, our Guest reporter for Twinnies Tri  this week  is Mr Kevin Bannerman,aka ‘the Rock’, a man with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all facets of life.

A near perfect morning greeted the 118 ‘combatants’ for our club’s second day of Qualifying.
A mild temperature and ‘light/chilly’ southerly breeze laid the foundations for fast times.(Some people never learn that Handicapper Dougie really loves to sharpen his pencil on these Qualifying days.)
Really great to see the return of a number of ‘Old Stagers’ including Andrew, Clive, Scotty and Wazza -welcome back Lads.
All sections were completed without incident with some very close and keen competition being noted as the event progressed.
Once again, we will only continue to have ‘problem free’ mornings if we all abide by our club rules in all legs of the Tri.
Safety Points to remember from Heidi’s and Dr. Bike’s addresses:
– Swim on the left side of your lane in the pool.
– No Drafting on Bikes
– Obey ALL road rules including stopping on RED at the lights.
From the Vice President:
Heidi conveyed a message from Dougie re completing all three sections of the course if you are to be accredited with finishing the event and accumulating numbers for club champs.
Heidi congratulated those people who had already fulfilled their marshalling duties for the diligent manner in which they had carried out the task.
Congratulations also to those people who competed in the Sunnycoast Tri. last weekend.
A number of outside races still have vacancies available including Mooloolaba, Yamba, Gatorade Series and QLD.Series – Morton Bay race.
From Dr. Bike:
Dodgie complemented all members for obeying the lights near Banora Shopping Centre. Well done guys. Always good to hear positive feedback.
Roger relayed information about bike seat height and invited people who are concerned about the height of their seat to see himself or Paul for professional direction.
Dr. Bike Junior:
Paul asked anybody who had concerns about riding in Robbie’s Ride (100 kms – next weekend ) to contact him for information/tips.
Paul is also providing help/direction for those doing the Intermediate bike course. Paul is only too willing to assist in any way to make your cycling experience a safe and fun event. Thanks Paul.
Random Prize winners:
Simon Bradbery and Ron Martinenko.
From an unnamed source comes the Definition of the Week:
The attempt to do more work than can be physically tolerated and is characterised by performance decrements (slow times, insomnia, lethargy)
This really means:
What a model train enthusiast is doing when spending too much time on his passion and not enough on the relationship.

Thanks Kev

MARSHALLS FOR NEXT WEEK 28 September 2013|
Fraser/Amaroo: G.Lance
Pink X’s: L.Butcher
Ash RAB: D.Smith
Woodlands Drive RAD: S.McGill


Congratulations to Lewis Saunders on his ‘All rounder Award’ presented at Kingscliff High Yr 12 Presentation on Friday.


Lewis Saunders -All Rounder

Remember; If the candles are costing more than the cake on your birthdays, you might be getting old.

So to all those MAMIL’s out there, enjoy life


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club