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Race Report 23 February 2013

‘Some one must have been praying… to have a dry race after all this rain’ Mike Fraser- Chairman Twin Towns Services Club. What a week, with the rain starting before we even finished last weeks race to clear overnight, we were truly blessed, lets hope Tweed Council can get out and fill ALL THOSE POTHOLES, I have it on really good authority that if you hit one, it hurts.

With last weeks weather attempting to hang around, our numbers were down slightly today, Tracey Foyster decided that she wanted to get right away from the rain and raced down in Tasmania today in the Australian Championships in fair weather conditions with a morning shower or two with a temperature range of 16-23deg Celsius. Well it paid off – Tracey won her age group and is now a NATIONAL CHAMPION, well done, Jeff Collier from Tweed Valley Triathletes- a current world champion also won his age group.


Clive, Col & Pete

Nominations for the Club championship are still open, you just need to have completed 12 club races to qualify- one week left. We are also providing  the option of a normal race for those that just want to have a go and be on the finish line to cheer everyone home. The happy Police will be controlling both sets of traffic lights!

Here is a little teaser – current points scores  after last weeks race
1st  468 pts
2nd 425 pts
3rd 406 pts
4th 405 pts
5th  403 pts
6th 386 pts
7th 382 pts.

So who’s who in the race to the line……

That leads on to the Presentation Dinner, there will be no tickets available at the door, contact Julie Bloor via social@twintownstriathlon.org.au  or find her on twinnies facebook page if you want to purchase a ticket or have any special dietary requirements.


Jamie, Ruth, Danny and Paul

Here is a link to a GOPRO video of the Intermediate course filmed today by Web Master Peter Nelson, if you look closely you may even find Pete trying his hand at movie directing. Not to sure he should give up his day job just yet. He has promised to give us some move clips next season.

Doctor Bike Junior’s Club championship challenge generated a fair bit of  facebook chat during the week, looks like Ben Saunders is preparing to off load (drop) some cash for a worthy cause, it would be good to see him back around the course before this season closes. Dr Bike moved his position today to observe riders travelling around the fast down hill left hand corner of Amaroo Drive and Ash Drive. He observed quite a few riders going wide around the corner, some with their inside pedal down. He talked about setting yourself up to be near the centre of the road as you pass the top drive way of the shopping centre, looking over your shoulder to see if there are any cars behind, staying wide as you approach the corner, coming in close and staying close to the gutter as you ride up and over the hill. If in doubt about any riding techniques there are plenty of people in the club more that willing to offer advice. You just need to ask.


Chris, Pete, Amy and Dave


Ol Bull Dave with Youngish Bull George


Here’s Johnny Warren pumping Dr Bike Paul Woodger for some ‘go faster’ tips

Random Draw Winners

Palm Beach Supercycle Drink Bottles – Guy Davoren, Craig Stubbs
Paul Monahan – Cannabil Clothing
George Levett – Palm Beach Super Cycles
Ian Curnow – South Tweed Bikes
Jamie Stoddart – Kingscliff Cycles
Peter Serone, Des Gooda and Terry Simpson – Studio 4
Warren Copping – Storm Cycles

Marshalls for next week
Woodlands /Leisure Drive Roundabout: Damien Sillars     
Amaroo/Fraser Drive Intersection: Kate McLennan

Then we moved on the the Annual General Meeting, which was presided over by Twin Towns Club Chairman – Mike Fraser. First point of business was Mike announcing that one of our members had been nominated for Honorary Life Membership of Twin Towns Triathlon Club after over 10 years of dedicated service. This nomination was approved by the Board of Twin Towns Services Club, and that person is Val Lambard.

That lead on to the normal business of an AGM, with nominations received for all the positions and none contested. Mike Fraser announced the new committee as;

President: Val Lambard
Vice President: Heidi Sowerby
Treasurer: Jim Collins |
Secretary: Mary-Ann Shuker
Time Keeper/Records: Doug Neil
Committee: Julie Bloor, Julie West, John King, Guy Davoren & Stuart Crawford.


L-R – Stuart Crawford, Heidi Sowerby, Val Lambard, Mary-Ann Shuker (kneeling), Julie Bloor, John King, Doug Neil, Julie West, Jim Collins. Absent – Guy Davoren

See here for links to the Twin Towns Triathlon Presidents Report 2012 and a Twin Towns Junior Triathlon Club AGM Report 2012.

General Business raised the issues of timing chips – the committee has approached a number of people of recent times to look at timing chips or re-writing our timing program. Chris Goldstone a former member wrote the current program some 20 odd years ago. He has agreed to re-write the program into a windows based system which provides a number of benefits. 1. We are not restricted to our current dot matrix printer, 2. We can get our timing splits with the correct date, 3. We will have the opportunity to upload our race times to the internet, 4. We will have the functionality to incorporate timing chips, 5. We will have the ability to have bar codes to register.

Back to some interesting and some what worthless facts

1)You can’t count your hair.
2)You can’t wash your eyes with soap.
3)You can’t breathe when your tongue is out.
   Put your tongue back in your mouth you silly thing, of course you can.

Ten things I know about you.
1) You are reading this.
 2) You are human.
 3) You can’t say the letter ”P” without separating your lips.
 4) You just attempted to do it.
 6) You are laughing at yourself.
 7) You have a smile on your face and you missed No.5.
 8) You just checked to see if there is a No. 5.
 9) You laugh at this because you are a fun-loving person & every fun loving person does it too.
10) You are probably going to send this to see who else falls for it.


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club

Race Report 16th February 2013

Race 23 of 26


Four races left at Twinnies before we can have a well earned Saturday morning sleep in, today we had over 90 competitors, with still new people turning up and an old familiar face Josh Alexander. The weather gods continued to test out our riding skills on wet roads and then 100% humidity on the run leg- it certainly beats the heat or wind.

There has been some movement in the members point score, with 1st and 2nd within a point or two, then 3rd-7th are stepping on top of each other, as I said last week, a flat tyre, miss a race or have a blinder and things will certainly be interesting. Nominations are still being accepted for the club championships- there has been a few birthdays since last year, moving people into different age categories- interesting times to be had on 9th March.

The Juniors had their last race of this season which culminated in a heavy down pour, then it was under cover for their breakfast wrap up and presentation.



Jo Colja 100 Club Race member

A number of club members will be participating in the Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer is a 2-day bike ride, over 200 kilometres, throughout Queensland’s scenic countryside. See your emails for a link to donate money. If you don’t get the weekly emails, send a message to Contacts.

Tony Keen, a representative of the Twin Towns Runners and Walkers Club is offering any members the opportunity to race with them in the Gold Coast Marathon being held over the weekend of 6-7th July. If you’re interested, contact Tony through their website


Liz & Des


Isaac Hough

Doctor Bike Junior was at marshaling this morning on Amaroo Drive and made a number of observations, firstly with the early riders and low light, all riders need to be aware of their presence on the road for the motorists, early riders – turn on your front and rear lights, if it starts raining ALL RIDERS turn on your rear lights. When it starts raining, everyone needs to adjust their riding style – stay off the white painted surfaces, take care when turning and braking. A number of people having been taking about bike seats, Paul said most bike shops have a test ride program where they measure your pelvis width and recommend a number of seat.

Our last breakfast of the season will be held on 2nd March, sponsored by Joe and Laura Kelly. This is also the last opportunity to get some points.

Paul’s Challenge


Can Paul Woodger ride the Twinnies Course in 3o minutes or less on Angela Reids bike??

Paul is helping to raise money for the Conquer Cancer Ride, on 9th March- Club Championships, Paul is attempting to ride the course in 3o minutes or less using Angela Reid’s bike…. Can he do it, make sure you’re around to see it. I’d love to see some streamers off the handle bars and a basket and lets not forget some pegs on the wheels to make that ‘go fast’ sound. Hit you wallets and money boxes and support a worthy cause

Marshalls for next week 23rd February
Woodlands Dr/Amaroo Dr Roundabout – John King           Amaroo Dr/Fraser Dr intersection – Julie Bloor

Random Draw Winners
Jim Collins – Kingscliff Cycles, Dave de Closey- Cannabil, Lewis Saunders- Palm Beach Supercycles, Terry Simpson- South Tweed Cycles, Vicki Lawes – Storm Cycles, Drink bottles from Palm Beach went to Joe Mollica and Kent Holmes.

Presentation Night
Tickets are on sale now, check with Julie Bloor what discount you are entitled to. $1 off for every race completed. Conditions apply – see Julie if you want to read the ‘terms and conditions’

Wierd Fact:

During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Actually, Saliva is more important than you realize. If your saliva cannot dissolve something, you cannot taste it.

Don’t forget to hang around to the AGM following next weeks race

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club