Amy & Millie Nelson at Kingy Tri

Twin Towns Triathlon Club has produced many great triathletes in our nearly 25 years. Our reputation is so well know that we have, had world renowned triathletes racing alongside us.

Our Juniors are no different, with 11 year old Amy Nelson and her 9 year old sister Amelia Nelson successfully competing at the Kingscliff Triathlon last weekend proudly wearing their Twinnies race kit.

They have competed in every Kingy Tri they have been eligible for expect earlier this year, when dad Pete Nelson and the family travelled to Jervis Bay to compete in the Huskisson Triathlon

Millie & Amy Nelson at Kingy Tri

Amelia (Millie) won her 7-9 girls age group and a week of daylight separated second:
Amy (11) came second in 10-12 Girls:
Following their race, they help mum Michelle man an aid station for the senior race.

Race 11 of 26

Race Report 17 November 2012


After a weeks of wind, today we awoke to perfect conditions, slightly overcast and not a hint of wind, unfortunately the humidity was around 85% so sit back and wait to sign on next week to see how has been hammered by the handicapper. Our numbers  are back to normal after a last week with just over 100 and today we were joined by two new competitors.

Selwyn, Chris & Lachy

Selwyn, Chris & Lachy

We still need to impress on all competitors the need to get through registration as earlier as possible, and those wishing to start earlier than their allocated handicap time need to be registered before 05:30am.

Des Gooda held another of his clinics, today focusing on ‘transitions’. I talk to a lot of the newer members and they all are seeking to reduce their overall triathlon times, attending one of Des’s clinics is a good start as well as: 1) forget about drying yourself after the swim, by the time you finish the bike you will be dry, 2) get some elastic laces, 3) leave the socks at home and finally have a good set up, helmet and glasses ready to go, shoes and hat laid out ready to go. Have a look around and see how others are set up.

Next week end the Kingscliff Triathlon is being held, we are still after some volunteers to help on the day, if you can help out please contact Chris Watt asap, it is a great atmosphere cheering everyone on particularly when you see a fellow Twinnies member.

The Kingscliff Triathlon is closely linked with Twin Towns Triathlon Club, with the Nev Salmon Memorial Trophy awarded to the winner. Nev was a long standing member of our club before he was tragically killed early one morning on a training ride. For those new to our club, please take the time to read about Nev and how the trophy came about on his memorial page.

Doctor Bike Junior (Paul Woodger) not to be confused with the older Doctor Roger Campbell Bike reminded us on the importance of keeping to the left, particularly when riding up hill. For those coming up on a slower rider to give a call that they are passing. REMEMBER ALL PASSING ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE. Upon entering a roundabout, the importance of a quick headcheck – glance over the right shoulder to see what’s behind you.

Kane, Matt & Cindy

Kane, Matt & Cindy

The Club Christmas Party is filling up fast, the Boat Shed on Currumbin Creek has limited capacity and they have advised us that our numbers are limited to 40. To date we have 33 members attending. To please advise Julie West ASAP if you would like to go. If we have more than 40 wishing to attend, we will look at an alternative venue- more on that later if needed.


1 Noel Bitossi 134 205
2 Vicki Lawes 68 201
3 Craig Stubbs 151 200
4 Louis Oram 82 192
5 Jamie Stoddart 28 191
6 Peter Serone 12 188
7 Warren Copping 51 187
8 Andrew Costello 67 186
9 Amanda Attard 130 185
10 George Saunders 87 185


We handed out the last of our complimentary coffee vouchers from our most recent sponsor, Steven NG from Zarraffa’s. If you have one you need to redeem in the next couple of days as they will expire on the 20 November. Again if you visit any of our sponsors, please take the opportunity to thank them for their generosity and support.

Todays Random Draw winners are brought to you courtesy of Storm Cycles, Palm Beach Cycles, Kingscliff Cycles, Sth Tweed Cycles, Cannabil Clothing, Felt Bikes (thanks Steve West) and Andrew Armstrong with a box of Kristy Kreme Donuts and the winners were:

Amy Nelson, Scott Collins, Judy Murray, Heather Ball, Trevor Lawes, Val Lambard and Michelle Jones.

Darlington & Woodlands Drive – Scott Collins
Fraser and Amaroo Drive – Sue Baxter / Jenny Scaysbrook if Sue gets held up on her return from NZ.

Continuing on with some useless but interesting facts:

Each king in a deck of playing cards represents
A great king from history:

Spades – King David

Hearts – Charlemagne

Clubs -Alexander, the Great

Diamonds – Julius Caesar 

Did anybody see the phantom snapper Jayde Aleman out on bike and run course today.  Jayde does a great job capturing as many members as possible and has opened his facebook gallery for you to scroll through, so give him a couple of days and head over there. Remember to LIKE his page.


Remember to train hard and stay safe

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club