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Race Report 27 October 2012

Someone upstairs must be listening, today at Twin Towns Triathlon Club,we were again blessed with perfect race conditions, which no doubt will be reflected in many people achieving PB’s and then seeing what impact it will have on their handicap next week.

First Season members Andrew,Matt & Mat

First Season members Andrew,Matt & Mat


Over 130 competitors today, probably many having a final hit out prior to entering a ‘tapering phase’ in the lead up to Noosa next weekend, with so many people competing each week, everyone needs to ensure that they rack their bikes correctly. Last week Andrew Armstrong placed green dots on the racks, between the orange tape. The green dots are to indicate the side of the rack to place your bike.

It has been raised by a few people, that caution and patience is required when beginning your swim. There have been complaints of people diving in on to/over those already swimming. Please remember there are no ‘sheep stations’ up for grabs. Would you like someone diving on top of you?


The handicap system is in place to ensure everyone finishes about 07:30am. Some people for a variety of reasons which to start earlier than their allocated handicap time. To ensure the smooth running of the registration process, if you wish to start earlier, you need to arrive earlier, bring a letter from your mother explaining the reason for starting earlier. Doug will happily abide, as long as you get there earlier; registration is open from 05:15am and closes at 06:00. Today, we still had a queue waiting to register at 06:00 and the last registration completed at 06:08.am.


Joe, Jo & Ross


In the 1400’s a law was set forth in England that a man was allowed to beat his wife with a stick no thicker than his thumb.
Hence we have ‘the rule of thumb’

Des Gooda will be holding another transition clinic on 17th November after received some great feedback after his initial clinic. If your interested catch up and give your name to Des.

Doctor Bike 1 & 2 got a word in this morning. Dr Bike Senior – Roger Campbell continued on from last week in the lead up to Noosa. Today he discussed the correct style when riding down hill. Lowering your centre of gravity by rising slight off your seat and standing up slightly on your pedals. Bringing your knees in close to the frame and leaning forward over the handbars. Of course, making sure your tyres are correctly inflated.

Doctor Bike Junior- Paul Woodger spoke on the correct fitting of your bike helmet. 1. Chin Strap should be tight/loose enough to be able to fit two fingers between the strap and chin, helmet should sit on your forhead, again two fingers between the eyebrows and helmet.


Andre, Pete & Bev

I know we harp on road rules and common sense, the authority to hold our weekly competition is oversighted by Tweed Council, Roads & Martime Services and the NSW Police which have the overriding authority to determine if permission is granted. We are required to submit a comprehensive traffic management plan. Permission is granted on the provisio that all riders comply with the road rules. Dr Bike Senior made comment yesterday that he witnessed competitors riding 2 and 3 abreast up Fraser Drive, I witnessed a group take a wide turn into Botanical Circuit (Flame Tree Park)- from nearly the far right hand side of the lane. Last week it was reported that some riders disobeyed a red traffic light. Please use common sense, obey the road rules and if you see someone doing something wrong, tell them, or a committee remember. Refer to paragraph  3 re Sheep Stations.

Last weekend, the ITU Triathlon was held in Auckland New Zealand our own Heidi Sowerby headed over and had a great time, read all about her adventure on our Road Trips page.

Milestones – some might like to forget
Birthday wishes go out to Pete Serone and Warren Copping

Random Draw Winners
Storm Cycles- Phil Salter
Palm Beach Supercycles- Liz Wall
South Tweed Cycles – Craig Stubbs
Cannabil Clothing – Tracy Foyster
Kingscliff Cycles – Jamie Stoddart
Palm Beach Drink Bottle_ Kylie Findlay

Current Point Score after Race 8






Noel Bitossi




Vicki Lawes




Mary-Ann Shuker




Louis Oram




Stuart Crawford




Joe Mollica




Tracy Foyster




Andrew Costello




Jim Collins




Jamie Stoddart



With the bulk of the committee heading to Noosa  next weekend, former President and regular overseas tourist Mr Kevin (the Rock) Bannerman will be presiding, and has agreed to prepare a short report for the web site.

Darlington Dr/ Woodlands Dr: Scott Cummings
Fraser Dr / Amaroo Dr: Kevin (the Rock) Bannerman


Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon Club





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Twin Towns Triathlon Race Report 20 October 2012

Congratulations on all those 60 odd competitors that set their alarm clock to have a hit out at Double Distance, with better weather than last week it had the potential for some great times, until hitting that lovely headwind on Darlington Drive, given the smiles and seeing so many people comparing times, it looked like everyone had a great time. Some feedback from the marshalls was that some riders had either very poor front lights or no front lights.


With still new competitors turning up each week, word must be out that Twin Towns Triathlon Club,is the best triathlon club with what could arguably be the most challenging 14km bike course available in the area.

All up just over 120 people ventured around the course both in single and double distance, and it was great to see a lot of the intermediate age group accepting the double distance challenge.

Some new members

We are still receiving complaints from fellow competitors about some riders continuing to show total disregard for the road rules and riding through red lights. There is absolutely no excuse for riding or for that matter driving through red lights. This week at least 5 riders rode through a red light. The club imposes strict penalties for this type of offence with a two week suspension for the first offence and disqualification for a second offence.


 Marcel Van Kemp completing 300 club races

Marcel 300 Races 1

Kingscliff Triathlon is being held over the weekend of 24/25 November 2012. In the past the club has provided, in return for a sizable donation up to 20 volunteers- particularly for the main event on the Sunday. I have sent an email with further information, here is a link to some of the roles required.

Marshalls for next week:
Woodlands/Darlington Drive: Cath Payne
Fraser/Amaroo Drive: Phil Salter

Random Draw winners this week
We are able to track down the President and get hold of his bag of goodies, last weeks winners were presented with their vouchers

This weeks winner
Bella Pidcock, Julie Bloor, Ben Hall, Sera Graham, Glen Lance and Marg Kearney

We again thank our weekly sponsors; Palm Beach Supercycles, Storm Cycles, South Tweed Cycles, Kingscliff Cycles, Cannabil Clothing and Studio 4.

After much negotiation, we now have the only Zarraffa’s Coffee outlet in NSW located at Banora Central as a sponsor, Steven Ng, the proprietor has provided a number of complimentary coffee vouchers for financial members of the tri club. These will be distributed next week upon registration, again only for financial members- that was Zarraffa’s conditions.

For those heading to Noosa Tri Multi Sports Festival , here is a link to your wave start times

Lost Property:
Someone is still missing their helmet, last week a black Lumar 525  was left behind. If its not claimed, it will probably become the emergency ‘has anyone got a spare helmet, I left my at home’ loaner

          Point Score after Race 6  

No Name Race Number Points
1 Noel Bitossi 134 123
2 Vicki Lawes 68 121
3 Amanda Attard 130 118
4 Mary-Ann Shuker 5 115
5 Louis Oram 82 112
6 Stuart Crawford 64 112
7 Joe Mollica 52 109
8 Tracy Foyster 2 108
9 Andrew Costello 67 105
10 Jim Collins 4 104

Good luck Heidi and others competing in the Auckland Triathlon  Sunday 21st


Remember, train hard and stay safe

Twin Towns Triathlon Club