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Twin Towns Race Report    29 September 2012

With over 120 starters this week, registration was completed by 06:01 hrs, that’s with 11 new competitors -well done, thanks everyone please keep it up. The weather god are shining on us, with pleasant temperatures and a nice little head wind on the way home on the bike just to mix things up a bit.


We are still having a issue with people racking their bikes, we have limited space, on the far rack there were 4 bikes nicely lined up handle bars to handle bars all on the same side. If you go to rack you bike leave a gap for someone to rack their bike on the opposite side, this allows everyone plenty of room for your transition.

We are not racing for sheep stations, so follow the road rules, don’t ride on the wrong side of the road – EVER. We had one male ride, cross over the pink crosses on Ash Drive and ride over the hill on the incorrect side of the road. There are a number of guarantees in life; taxes and death, riding on the wrong side of the road, up hill is a stupid move, putting your life and jeopardising the Club’s authority to host this event each week. When entering Fraser Drive from Amaroo ( top marshalling location) please give way all traffic travelling down the hill, DON’T MOVE INTO THE SLIP LANE UNTIL THE VEHICLE HAS PASSED. The Committee encourage all members to report any infringement, to ensure we all do our upmost to ensure the safety of all competitors and the longevity of our club.

A big thanks to those that have volunteered for marshalling points, we still have 8 spots to fill and then I can stop harping. Double Distance is  on 22 October, I already have a marshall for each point, but both these people would like the opportunity to at least do a single distance race, if you would like to help out, please let me know by email.


Next weeks race is the last of normal time before Day Light Saving starts on Sunday morning in NSW. To celebrate this monumental occasion we will be having our first ‘healthy breakfast’ for the season. Gold Coin donations gladly accepted and can be placed into the collection tin.


Woodlands /Darlington Drive – Jo Colja

Amaroo/Fraser Drive                – Matt Stanley

Random Draw Winners

Sarah Harrington – Storm Cycles, Dave Fine- Palm Beach Supercycles, Noel Bitossi – Sth Tweed Cycles, Louis Oram- Kingscliff Cycles, Sonny Warner- Cannabil Clothing

Current Points standing after Race 3



Race Number




Adam Amos





Cindy Cameron





Bruce Charge





Noel Bitossi





Kylie Findlay





Bella Pidcock





Joe Mollica





Vicki Lawes





Laura Kelly





Jenny Scaysbrook 27 3








How are the points allocated

Handicap winner each week received 35 points, 2nd received 34, 3rd 33 4th 32 down to 20th place getter who receives 16 points. All other members completing the event receive 15 points… on designated days all competitors who complete the nominated course receive 35 points regardless of final placing. Each week, for every 5 starters one competitor gets handicapped. People who walk in the swim leg receive a maximum of 15 points only and are not considered fro the handicap winner’s random monthly voucher.

For those that were not present last week, here is a short YouTube clip of Roger presenting Doug his new bike

Stu Crawford
Twin Towns Triathlon


Race 3 Report 22 September 2012

Twin Towns Triathlon Race Report 22 September 2012

Another great day for racing, with still more new people turning up. You all got a big tick from the registration staff for getting there that little bit earlier. This week we saw 16 brand new starters and that slows things down a bit, working out how long it would take, the bike course etc. So please continue to get to registration earlier.

It’s a timely reminder that when riding up hills, you maintain a straight line course, we had it reported that one rider was weaving up the hill on Botanical Circuit in Flame Tree Park. Weaving has the potential to cause an accident with a cyclist coming up behind.

Doctor Bike – Roger Campbell talked about the need and benefit of ‘spinning’. He spoke about a question posed to him a couple of weeks ago, regarding how hard it was to ride up hills. Roger did some homework on this question, and came up with a solution. Get a New Bike. So, Roger in conjunction with his friends at Palm Beach Supercycles and  TREK and members of the Tri Club who made donations on Saturday were able to present Doug ‘Scratcher’ Neill with a brand new TREK BIKE and helmet. So with a bit of training, other than a Saturday morning ride and his new bike, he should see his ride times plummet and be subject to a new handicap?


Roger, Doug and the bike & card

Roger presenting Doug his new bike and the card from Twinnies members


Milestones at Twin Towns Triathlon Club

Roger Campbell completes his 200th club race
Trevor ‘mighty mouse’ Lawes celebrates his 67th birthday


We also saw the start of the Juniors Racing Season, thanks to Scott and Kelli Styman, Ginny & Greg Freeman and their band on helpers.

Juniors Race briefing #2

Random Draw winners this week

Chris Moore – Cannabil Clothing, Andrew Costello- Sth Tweed Cycles, Vicki Lawes – Storm Cycles
Nicole Bowker – Kingscliff Cycles, Liz Wall – Palm Beach Supercycles

A reminder that Julie Bloor is taking orders for uniform along with the cash. See the uniform page for costing.


Woodlands/Darlington Drive Roundabout – Dave Proudfoot
Fraser /Amaroo Drive intersection – Ross Ferguson
Please remember to take your mobile phone in case of an emergency 


There are still vacancies on the marshalling roster that need filling. You can still complete the race in a some what of a fractured manner and be eligible for 15 race points. With out marshalls we cannot run this event. For such a strong membership base, the commitment to filling this roster is a little disappointing. If you’re interested, we are still looking for 18 volunteers, have a look at marshalling roster and drop me a line via the contacts page, nominating your preferred date & location.

For those with those smart phones not controlled by a piece of fruit, one of the founding members Scott Collings has developed an App for recording and comparing your times each week/season/year. Click here to go staight to the app Google Play. Scott is offering financial rewards for positive comments posted against the app.

Thanks to those that have completed the emergency contact form in each week or electronically.  For those that haven’t please do so, when signing your waiver after numbering.


Train safe,

Stu Crawford

Twin Towns Triathlon