Mooloolaba Triathlon 2012

Mooloolaba Triathlon Festival 2012 Report

Twin Towns Triathlon Club was extremely well represented with an estimated 30+ competitors. With USM management considering a canal swim from Underwater World due to the expected heavy sea swells, this was soon sorted out with the flooding of Mooloolaba and Maroochydore on Thursday afternoon when over 300mm of rain fell that then flowed into the river.

Swim course looking from Alex Headland across to Point Cartright


Race Day

With many of us arriving on Friday, we headed down to the Festival HQ to obtain our registration packs, and wander through exhibitors stores, catching up with friends.

Home Delivery


With the traditional Saturday morning ‘coffee’ ride out along Bradman Avenue, Maroochydore where we came across  two unknown unfortunate souls who had come unstuck and required ambulance transport- apparently broken collarbones. Then onto Cotton Tree for coffee and a slow ride back to our accommodation.  Some of us venture a little further to observe the swim start adjacent to the Mooloolaba river mouth, what we witnesses was calm  water with little to no waves and here I saw some relieved members. (Three years ago the swim was moved to the canal due to 3m waves)

Quatros Enduros

With transition entry opening soon, two members Tracey and Des head off early to ensure the best bike placement, the rest of us headed down a little later and took our chances.

Leanne's trip to Mooloolaba spoiled with a sprained ankle!

Saturday afternoon saw many resting prior to the Sunday Race. With overnight rain and an overcast morning we headed off to check our bikes hadn’t been moved, pump up tyres, and then head off down the beach to the swim start.

The noisy upstairs neighbours

The swim was interesting, with a northerly sweep and a slight swell creating problems try to see the buoys ,  then off on the bike leg, a nice tail wind heading out made for a nice ride only to hit the wind at the turn around, where it was reported that  Julie West having a cup of tea in the penalty box after being caught for drafting.  The ride back into town into the wind was just great! Spoilt only by the big groups of riders going past – where are the draft busters when you need them????. Once hitting the top of Alexandra Headland the crowd increases as you ride down to T2 to swap your bike for a pair of runners then back up over the headland heading to Cotton Tree, twice before finally heading back to the finish line.

Making sure everyone got home, we collected our bikes and then the party started, Twinnies was well represented sitting on the footpath outside Headland Tropicana on Alexandra Parade watching the profession girl’s race. Then down to presentation.

Life in the gutter - it doesn't get much better

The Foysters

Twin Towns Triathlon members top ten results

John Warren gained 1st place in the 60-64 age group with a time of 02:29:30

Julie proudly wearing John Warrens 1st Place medal

Jolyon Ward gained a 2nd place in the 75-79 age group 04:06:49

Jo Wards medals

Heidi Sowerby came 5th in the 40-44 group 02:22:21 followed by

Lisa Ross in 7th place in a time of 02:24:58

The girls!

Tracey Foyster came 3rd in the 45-49 group 02:21:19

Liam proudly wearing Mum's medals

We were also fortunate to have our own eye in the sky with George Levitt in charge of the Westpac Rescue helicopter, a request was placed for a dump and burn over Alexandra Headland, but he politely declined.

Here's George operating the winch

With George at a loose end on Saturday night he decided to crash/share his company and to his amazement was invited to dine with the National Touring team of the Quatros Enduros – Dave, Chris, Fergo and Stuart.

Cuatros members Toasting a great meal

We have been travelling together to both Noosa and Mooloolaba for the past 6 odd  years. In that time Chris has treated us to his culinary delights on our fully catered tours-  which up until now many have believed a myth. George has already attempted to get an invite back next year. See Daves foodies report  full gastronomical tour report . Recipes are available on request- for a small fee!

Andre the birthday boy

All in all a great weekend with friends………………….. Johns photos will be online soon, and stand by for a special Mooloolaba report from our resident Olympian Shelly Roy… due later this week


Stu Crawford