Race Report 25th February 2012

Twinnines Tri Report 25 February 2012

With torrential rain overnight abating about 5am, today’s conditions were anything but perfect with   40 hardly souls turning up and went through their paces; fortunately the moisture content was limited to perspiration with very little precipitation and a little breeze encountered along Darlington Drive.

Congratulations to Guy Davoren on completing 300 club races- well done

Committee Man - Guy Davoren 300 Races

Thanks to Julie Bloor for putting together today’s  breakfast, with the numbers down, she decided to scale it back, another breakfast- the last for the season  will be held in 2 weeks- so if you’re not there you’ll miss out.

Random Draw Winners:
Scott Styman, Joe Mollica, Con Vayanos, George Saunders

Following next week’s race (3rd March) at 08:15am the Tri Club will be holding the AGM. Nominations have been received for all positions

A big congratulation goes out to all the Twinnnes members that competed in the Kingscliff Tri, and particularly for those that made it to the podium. Also it was great to see so many club members helping out on the marshalling, one Twinnies competitor said it was great to see and hear the support of Twinnies people out on the course.

President   : Ben Saunders
Vice President: John Warren
Treasurer: Jim Collins
Secretary: Mary-Ann Shuker
Timekeeper/Recorder: Doug Neil

Julie Bloor
Stuart Crawford
Guy Davoren
Val Lambard
Julie West

With Club Champs looming, Doug as usual has stopped placing the weekly point score list up, so if you think you’re in the ‘running’ go your hardest, you’ll never know, how close you were to winning if you don’t have a go- all will be revealed at the Presentation.

A list has been placed at the sign on table for those of you interested in competing in the club champs. For those new members, there are three races on 17th March. 1st One for those that just want to have a normal hit out, 2nd For competitive females, 3rd for  competitive males. Same cost applies.  For the competitive races, everyone in your rac starts at the same time. Police (the good guys)  will be on duty at the traffic lights to ensure no red lights to hinder possibly your best bike splits.

Our Presentation will be at Twin Towns Services Club on 17th March. Tickets are on sale and available from Julie Bloor, if you intend going please let her know so that catering can be arranged.  No tickets sales at the door.

And next Saturday when your racing, spare a thought for Joe Kelly, competing in the New Zealand Iron Man.  Good Luck

Julie Bloor is seeking your assistance, a good friend of hers,  Peter ‘Curly’ Prendergast died of pancreatic cancer last week , after only being diagnosed in December, He was only 35 and left behind his wife Jodie and 4 girls and a boy. She is seeking donations for the family and is asking that next week if after paying your entry fee you would like to make a donation to this worthy cause.

Marshalls for next week 3rd March
Carl Schuetze and Andrew Venables

Twin Towns Triathlon Club

Race report for Saturday 11/2/12

A truly magnificent day for a triathlon with over 300* competitors enjoying the calm and slightly warm conditions.

There was a bit of housekeeping mainly; Presentation night tickets will be on sale from next Saturday. Please bring your cash so you can pay the committee for the tickets. First in best dressed so don’t leave it to the last minute. The night is on Saturday 17th March in the Visions room at Twin Towns main club.

Nominations are now open for club championships which will be held on Saturday 17th March. There is a non competitive race starting at 6:15am, competitive females commencing at 6:30am and competitive males commencing at 6:45am. You need to have completed 12 club races by the Saturday prior to the club championships to be eligible to enter the competitive races. Doug can help you out with the number of races you have completed. We have to pay for police during this race so sign up and make sure we get value for money.

Congratulations to Wylie Hammit for breaking the hour for the first time last weekend. Wylie has been doing tri with the club since he was a junior and is giving the senior course a real shake up. This kid will be one  to watch and he obviously enjoys the competition as well.

Kingscliff tri is on next weekend. At the time of writing we have about 23 volunteers for the day. If you would like to assist we can accommodate you with a task. The club receives $1,000 which will go toward a timing system for our assistance during the competition. It is a big day for all but it is also good fun.

I have to keep mentioning the road rules which is disappointing to say the least. You should all know the rules by now, but for those who are slow on the uptake I will repeat the obvious ones. 1) Stop at red lights 2) Keep left at all times 3) Give way at round abouts. It’s not rocket science and it just might save your life.

Dr Bike (Paul from Palm Beach Supercycles) spoke about interval training and using a wind trainer to assist with this if group rides were not convenient. Paul also mentioned the importance of family support from a motivation point of view. As always very informative and very entertaining.

Marshals for next weeks competition are Chris Moore and Scott Collins. If you are not sure of what to do, please ask or see some of my earlier posts.

That’s it from me, until next week, keep smiling and train safely.

Chris Watt


* This may not have been the actual number of competitors. Stu is always up me for not putting the number in and I forgot to ask Doug for the exact number. If we don’t say anything he won’t know. Shhh….