Twin Towns Triathlon Race Report 24 December

Twin Towns Race Report- Xmas Eve

What a great roll up we had today under gloomy skies- which luckily held off. With just over 80 competitors and still new members turning up each week we continue to see people getting their personal best each week.  Great to see so many getting into the Christmas spirit with santa and his helpers on point duty to those donning santa hats and a variety of reindeer antlers.

Club President Chris Watt

Today we saw three dnf (did not finish) due to mechanical problems- flat tyres, a tip from Dr Bike some time ago was to check your tyres following a ride and if you find cuts, ensure there is no glass and apply a little bit of super glue. The other strategy to reduce the likelihood of flat tyres is to ensure you maintain correct tyre pressure and don’t ride through broken glass.

We still have uniform on hand to collect- the girls will only be bringing them down for a couple more weeks.  Thanks to Julies for the breakfast this morning- and for those that donated to the charity.

Doctor Bike again shared his extensive knowledge on bike setup and riding, today he thanked every one who visited their local bike shops- (our sponsors) for their support. Then he talked on correct pedal stroke – scraping mud off the bottom of your shoe, keeping the bike as steady as possible, not rocking it side to side this uses energy better spent on pedalling. Also when standing up, try moving your upper body a little forward – over the handle bars and choose the correct gearing.

Marshals for next week – New Years Eve
Dave DQ De closey and Jo Ward

Committe Member Pete Serone


Random Draw winners
Scott Collins, Stuart McGill, Joanne Colja, James Mourant and Ruth Tutton
please remember to support these sponsors – Palm Beach Supercycles, Cannibal Clothing, Sth Tweed Cycles, Kingscliff Cycles and Storm Cycles.





Con Vayanos



Ryan Stoddart



Joe Mollica



Sonny Warner



Warren Copping



Guy Davoren



Jeanette Annett



Lisa Ross



Lisa Warner



Dave de Closey



Marcel Van Kampen



Richard Mourant



Gerard Robards



Doug Neil



Darern Jones



Kev Bannerman



Alex Gilks



Joe Ward



Jamie Stoddart



Matt Stanley


12 more races until the Club Championships.

We are still looking for a marshall for Club championships Saturday 17th March if you can help out, send an email to

Twin Towns Triathlon Club






Twinnies Race No 14 Report

Well, we are still waiting for summer! Rob Gillies- life member of Twin Towns Triathlon Club, member of the over 300 races group, you name it he has either done it or knows someone that has. Well he was heard to utter, “… that should have been a wet suit swim”. Then at the run turn around, someone was heard to say as the sun poked its head out from behind some clouds,”…the sun feels nice”. Lets hope that next weeks race offers better racing conditions.

Remember, Christmas Eve healthy breakfast.  This year there will be no break over the festive season, unlike last year where we had a mid season break of two weeks because a chrissy day and new years day fell on Saturdays!

The latest uniform order is ready for collection, so bring your money and catch up with  either Julie’s next week. Also on offer at a reduced rate is a mens size medium Tri Suit, see Des if your interested – you might get it a heavily discounted price.

Congratulations to Jeanette Annett who was the leading point scorer at the end of November and is now the recipient of a Russ Evans Memorial towel.

A big farewell to Brett Jones as he follows his heart and heads down to Melbourne, he certinally left his image  embedded in some  following the bus trip home after the christmas party.  I caught up with Brett on the pool deck and had a  short conversation;

Stu     “Hey Brett, got some great photos on the bus trip”
Brett ” I’ll sue your arse”
Stu      ” Thats all I could see”

I believe that a few female travellers got more than they expected. And a big thanks again to all those involved in organisng the trip to Mavis Kitchen, those  that donated prizes and finally to all those that went along and had a great night.

Doctor Bike was again sharing his wealth of knowledge with us. It started as we got there as he was encouraging us to make sure that we racked our bikes alternately. It was going well for some time until he got called away and then some either do not know what alternate racking means or generally do not care. Please remember, if someone has got their bike racked you must either leave a gap for someone to rack their bike on the other side, or you place your bike on the other side.Paul spoke on pressure points on bikes- feet, the difference between road bike and mountain bike cleats and the different styles of shoes. Stiff shoes with carbon fibre soles are more efficient. Cleats will make pedallingf 30% more efficient than no cleats. And remember the most important thing on a bike is to look forward.

We are considering a services page where those that would like to promote their business through our web site to club members would be able to supply either a logo with contact details and or a link to their business for a yet to be determined fee. If you are interested  send a email via the link on the contacts page.

Marshalls for next weeks race are
Mary-Ann Shuker and Ian Curnow.

Twin Towns Triathlon Club