Twin Towns Triathlon Race Report

Twin Towns Triathlon Club Race No. 12

What started off as a potentially rainy day, quickly passed into a glorious day on the coast. One member who decided that Saturday was the day he would  ride down  to the club, only to ride straight into a down pour. Another member not wanting to get his bike wet, decided to sleep in and then park his motor bike in the middle of the kids bike course!.

Twin Towns Triathlon Juniors

Nudging on nearly 80 competitors, and only one mishap when Danny fell from grace and slipped on the bitumen  ( I have to report that along with a damaged ego, and superficial grazing most importantly –  his bike is fine ). This lead to Dr (Paul Woodger) Bike discussing the importance of wet weather/road riding. STAY OFF THE WHITE PAINTED STUFF- its slippery,  slow down  and ensure that your approach speed to prior to any corner is sufficient to allow you to travel through without the need for any braking, and then after passing through safely, accelerate. In regard to braking he discussed the need to inspect your brake pads. If the ‘cuts’ in the pads are no longer visible, its time to replace them.

The planning for the Christmas Party is almost done, with only one (1) seat remaining on the bus. So if you quick, contact Julie West and claim your spot. No doubt she will have  standby list for late changes. Please remember to bring your payment of $35 next week to confirm your booking.

The last uniform order has been placed and there are still some accounts outstanding from the initial order. Please finalise your payment next week to either Julie Bloor or Julie West.

Did you spot our resident happy snapper Jayde Aleman  on the course, if you are one of the billions in the world to use facebook,  head on over to the Twin Towns Triathlon Face Book page to see the pics.

Random Draw Winners:
Paul Woodger, Val Lambard, Jeanette Annett,  Richard Mourant

Marshalls Twin Towns Triathlon for next week:
Fraser and Amaroo : Paul Monahan   Leisure and Woodlands: Andrew Venables

We are still looking for volunteers to assist with the Kingscliff Triathlon on Sunday 19th Feb. If you can assist, email the Chris at





Twin Towns Triathlon Race No. 11 Report


The conditions today have certainly improved since race 1 back  on 10th September, with warmer weather, a slight breeze on the bike and the run. We continue to see good numbers with three members returning from injury for their first race of the season Ben Saunders – broken foot after the marathon, except he didn’t know it was broken for a couple of weeks when the pain wouldn’t go away, Dr Greg Freeman after back surgery and myself from fractured collarbone and ribs.

Paul with lessons on chain maintance

Paul (Doctor Bike) Woodger explained the maintenance required to ensure maximum life out of your chain. Cleaning it with a rag once a week, looking for the gaps between the links and when in the big chain ring, checking the meshing of the chain and the links for daylight – an indication of excessive wear. You should expect the chain to last 4-5,000 km, depending on your riding conditions. If in doubt visit your local bike shop, we have a number who support the club, Palm Beach Supercycles, South Tweed Cycles, Kingscliff Cycles  and soon to come on board Storm Cycles.

With the warmer weather he discussed the need to ensure correct hydration solutions in your water bottle. He also pointed out that you need to practice taking your bottle in and out of your holder without looking.

Now on to some housekeeping- the finish line is at the table, Suzelle and Di input the data into the computer as well as writing  hard copy.  After you enter the gate from the run, please do not overtake anybody, casually go up the stairs and give your number to the recorders.


Congratulations Matt Stanley 100th Race

Congratulations to Matt Stanley for joining the 100 Club Race team.

An email was sent out yesterday and a post on facebook regarding the upcoming Christmas party to be held at Mavis’s Kitchen, Mt Warning. Total Cost $35 including the bus trip. Seats are limited to 55, with pick up from Club Banora. See Julie West

Next week is your final opportunity to order new uniform- See Julie Bloor if you’re interested.

An observation was made by an experienced Iron Man competitor – regarding the practice of some competitors in the transition area. Before you take your bike from the rack- your helmet MUST BE fastened, and when putting your bike back the helmet must remained fastened. The helmet is the first thing on and the last thing off.

Twinnies Technical Offical Ross Ferguson

There have been plenty of comments each week regarding drafting, a couple of weeks ago we were fortunate to have our own draft buster – Matt Lance going around breaking up the ‘trains’. Remember drafting is illegal, keep a cars length distance away from the cyclist in front and if overtaking, do it quickly.

Alex Gilks, Paul Somerfield, James Mourant, Dan Smith and Lisa Ross.

Season Points Report up to Race 9

  1. Ryan Stoddart
  2. Joe Mollica
  3. Darren Jones
  4. Warren Copping
  5. Scott Collins
  6. Jeanette Annette
  7. Jamie Stoddart
  8. Louis Oram
  9. Guy Davoren
  10. Con Vayonos

Fraser /Amaroo Drive intersection: Lisa Ross
Leisure /Woodlands Drive               : Heidi Sowerby

See Marshalling Roster here to see when your required.